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The following Q&As and Community Benefit Categories and Definitions are two resources that can help you determine whether to report a program or activity as community benefit. If you still have questions after reviewing these resources submit them to CHA using the What Counts Email Hotline Submission Form.

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  1. Financial Assistance
    Topic: Discounts (June 2011; Updated November 2015)
    Topic: Financial Assistance Policies (Updated March 2013; Updated November 2015)
    Topic: Foundation Payments for Charity Care Patients (August 2009; Updated November 2015)
    Topic: Free Care for Priests in the Diocese (January 2011)
    Topic: Free Care Vouchers to Low-Income School Districts (August 2009; Updated November 2015)
    Topic: International Patients (January 2008; Updated November 2015)
    Topic: Patient Financial Assistance (July 2022)
  1. Government-Sponsored Means Tested Health Care
    Topic: Can Medicaid denials be included in financial assistance policies? (January 2019)
    Topic: High Risk Pools (2007)
    Topic: Losses on CHAMPUS/TRICARE (May 2012)
    Topic: Medicaid Losses (December 2009)
    Topic: Medicaid Revenues Greater than Expenses (April 2011; Updated November 2015)
    Topic: Medicare Losses (2007)
    Topic: Medicare Revenues (June 2012; Updated November 2015)
    Topic: Provider Taxes (April 2009)
    Topic: Sales Tax (2007)
    Topic: Uncompensated Care Pools (January 2008)
  1. Community Benefit Services
    1. Community Health Improvement Services

      Community Health Education
      Topic: Addressing Hospital Industry Hazards and Injuries (August 2009)
      Topic: Advanced Directives (October 2008; Updated November 2015)
      Topic: Community Awareness/Education (June 2012)
      Topic: Community Health Resource Center (February 2011)
      Topic: Competition to Increase Awareness of Mental Illness (August 2009)
      Topic: Forensic Processes (January 2023)
      Topic: Health Fairs/Screenings (2007; Updated November 2015)
      Topic: Hospital Website Provides Public Health Information (August 2009)
      Topic: Inpatient Tobacco Cessation Consultation (September 2021)
      Topic: Is it Marketing? (April 2009)
      Topic: Lactation Services (Updated September 2016)
      Topic: Media Outreach Programs (Updated June 2012; Updated November 2015)
      Topic: Patient Surgical Education Classes (January 2023)
      Topic: Program T-shirts and Accessories (December 2014)
      Topic: Regarding Give-Aways (July 2022)
      Topic: Support Groups (Updated November 2015)

      Community-Based Clinical Services
      Topic: Community Immunization (November 2020)
      Topic: COVID-19 Vaccinations (February 2021)
      Topic: Employee Health Promotion (November 2020)
      Topic: Employer Screenings (November 2008)
      Topic: Fast Track Clinic Expenses (August 2009)
      Topic: Health Promotion for Long-Term Care Residents (April 2009)
      Topic: Immunizations for Patients (August 2009)
      Topic: Treating Opioid Addiction (August 2019)
      Topic: Sports Medicine Center (May 2022)

      Health Care Support Services
      Topic: Applying for Guardianship (July 2020)
      Topic: Baby Supplies for New Mothers (January 2011)
      Topic: Bereavement Support Remembrance Services (June 2012)
      Topic: Car Seat Safety Program (November 2022)
      Topic: Catholic Mass Open to Community (January 2009)
      Topic: Charity Tracker (May 2022)
      Topic: Connecting Patients to Community Resources (e.g. Health Leads) (May 2018)
      Topic: Drug Donation Program (January 2023)
      Topic: Enrollment Assistance (Updated December 2014)
      Topic: Genetic Counseling (November 2015)
      Topic: Grants (December 2022)
      Topic: Interpreter (oral)/Translation (written) Services (May 2019)
      Topic: Lifeline Services (January 2009)
      Topic: Nurse Navigators (November 2015)
      Topic: PACE Housing (Updated November 2015)
      Topic: Pastoral Care Programs (August 2009)
      Topic: Paying Expenses on Behalf of Individuals (Updated November 2015)
      Topic: Paying for Care in Outside Facility (Updated November 2015)
      Topic: Paying for Low-Income Patient Burial Costs (Updated November 2015)
      Topic: Providing Access to Post-Acute Care for Homeless and Uninsured (March 2019)
      Topic: Residential Facilities for Patients and Families (July 2013)
      Topic: Screening and Post Discharge/Care Management Services for Hospital's Low-Income Patients (Updated November 2022)
      Topic: Transportation (2007)
      Topic: Transporting Breast Milk (June 2012)

      Social and Environmental Improvement Activities
      Topic: Community Benefit or Community Building Activity (November 2015)
      Topic: Community-wide Quality Improvement/Care Coordination Efforts (March 2013)
      Topic: Educating Hospitals About Successful Environmental Practices (August 2009)
      Topic: Human Trafficking Education and Response (March 2022)
      Topic: Food Policy/Leadership Councils (August 2013)
      Topic: Physician Recruitment (March 2013; Updated November 2015)
      Topic: Providing Place for Exercise/Play (March 2016)
      Topic: Sustainable Farming (March 2013)
      Topic: Tree Planting (November 2021)
  1. Health Professional Education
    Topic: Allied Health Professions (Updated August 2013)
    Topic: Can we always report the cost of health professional education? (April 2019)
    Topic: Cancer Registries (November 2021)
    Topic: Clinical Pastoral Education (January 2011)
    Topic: Cost of Time Spent by Instructors (October 2021)
    Topic: Grand Rounds (December 2014)
    Topic: Housing Costs (March 2013)
    Topic: Interns (Non-Physician) (April 2019)
    Topic: Libraries (February 2011)
    Topic: Long-Term Care Administrator Internships (February 2011)
    Topic: Nursing Schools (February 2011)
    Topic: Physician Education/CME programs (February 2011)
    Topic: Physician Residents/Student Time (February 2011)
    Topic: Physician Time in Health Profession Education (June 2012)
    Topic: Scholarships (2007)
    Topic: Time Working with Health Professions Students (Updated July 2016)
    Topic: Training Trauma Nurses (July 2022)
    Topic: Tuition Assistance (February 2011)
  1. Subsidized Health Services
    Topic: Emergency Services (February 2010; Updated November 2015)
    Topic: Facility-Based Clinics
    Topic: Ground Ambulance Service
    Topic: Hospice (February 2008)
    Topic: Hospital Departments (February 2010; Updated November 2015)
    Topic: Hospital Losing Money (April 2009; Updated November 2015)
    Topic: Mammograms (February 2010)
    Topic: Medical Practices (February 2010)
    Topic: Morgue Services (April 2019)
    Topic: Organ Harvesting (May 2009; Updated November 2015)
    Topic: PACE (December 2014)
    Topic: Palliative Care (January 2008)
    Topic: Paying Physicians to be On-Call
    Topic: Paying Physicians to Serve Low Income/Uninsured (Updated June 2012)
    Topic: Services for Veterans (February 2010; Updated November 2015)
    Topic: Specialty Hospital Services (April 2009)
    Topic: Telehealth Services (2007)
    Topic: Telemonitoring (May 2008)
    Topic: What Qualifies as a Subsidized Service?
  1. Research
    Topic: Institutional Review Boards (February 2011; Updated November 2015)
    Topic: Physician Research Presentations (February 2011)
    Topic: Quality Assurance or Research (February 2011;  Updated November 2015)
    Topic: Reporting Costs of Clinical Trials (April 2019)
    Topic: Reporting Research Costs When Results Not Published (April 2019)
    Topic: Reporting Research Partially Funded by For-Profit (April 2019)
    Topic: Reporting Research that is Fully Funded (April 2019)
  1. Cash Donations and In-Kind Contributions
    Topic: After Prom Donations (January 2009)
    Topic: Ambulance Service (February 2010)
    Topic: Attending Meetings (April 2009)
    Topic: Blood Drives (July 2014)
    Topic: Breast Milk Bank (October 2019)
    Topic: Cash Contribution outside Community (August 2021)
    Topic: Community Benefit or Community Building Donations (April 2009; Updated November 2015)
    Topic: Contribution for Fireworks Display (May 2010)
    Topic: Contribution for School Movement Program (August 2019)
    Topic: Contributions to Statewide Nonprofit Insurance Organization (November 2013)
    Topic: Donated Equipment/Supplies — Locally & Globally (2009; Updated March 2018)
    Topic: Donated Food (2007)
    Topic: Donated Hospital Services — Lab, Radiology, Pharmacy (2007; Updated November 2015)
    Topic: Donated Space (2007)
    Topic: Donations on Behalf of Employees (May 2018)
    Topic: Donation to Endowment Fund for School for the Deaf (May 2010)
    Topic: Donations to Employees (February 2008)
    Topic: Electronic Health Records (2012; Updated November 2015)
    Topic: Employee and Physician Time (2007; Updated November 2015)
    Topic: Employee Participation in Professional Organizations (May 2012)
    Topic: Employee Time and Fund-Raising Costs (April 2009)
    Topic: Foreign Poverty Tours/Medical Missions (September 2012)
    Topic: Free Telemedicine Services to Community Hospitals (January 2011)
    Topic: Fundraising and Sponsorship Events (October 2008; Revised November 2008; Revised January 2011; Revised February 2014; Updated August 2021)
    Topic: Funds and Services Donated by One Organization to Another (2007)
    Topic: Funds Raised by Hospital Auxiliary Groups (2007; Updated November 2015)
    Topic: Grants (March 2022)
    Topic: Hospital Volunteers' Time (2007)
    Topic: Letters Restricting Donations (2007; Updated November 2015)
    Topic: Medical Respite Program (August 2009)
    Topic: Parking (2011)
    Topic: PILOTS/SILOTS (2007)
    Topic: Scholarships for Health Professions Education (August 2013)
    Topic: Scholarships for Pediatric Cancer Survivors (April 2011)
    Topic: School and Team Sports (December 2009)
    Topic: Voter Registration Education (June 2012)
  1. Community Building Activities
    Topic: Advocacy (February 2010)
    Topic: Chamber of Commerce (May 2009;  Updated November 2015)
    Topic: Child Day Care (2007)
    Topic: Coronavirus Planning and Preparations (March 2020)
    Topic: Disaster Preparedness (Updated April 2015;  Updated November 2015)
    Topic: Ebola Planning and Preparations (December 2014)
    Topic: Exploring Health Careers (August 2021)
    Topic: Green Purchasing (October 2008)
    Topic: Hiring and Training Handicapped Workers (April 2011)
    Topic: Income Tax Assistance Program (May 2010)
    Topic: Literacy Program (August 2010)
    Topic: Physician Recruitment (Updated March 2013;  Updated March 2018)
    Topic: Recruiting for Clinical Laboratory Personnel (April 2009;  Updated November 2015)
    Topic: Socially Responsible Investing (October 2008; Updated November 2015)
    Topic: Workforce Development – Shadowing (August 2015; Updated November 2015)
  1. Community Benefit Operations
    Topic: Attending Workshops (January 2008)
    Topic: Community Benefit Report (May 2010;  Updated November 2015)
    Topic: Community Health Needs Assessment (Updated November 2013)
    Topic: Director of Indigent Funding (Updated August 2021)
    Topic: Grant Applications (October 2008)
    Topic: IT Initiatives Supporting Community Benefit (January 2009)
    Topic: Reporting Costs of Program Evaluation (April 2019)
  1. Accounting Questions
    Topic: Approach to Indirect Costs (2007)
    Topic: Capital Costs (Reviewed 2022)
    Topic: Financial Assistance Costs
    Topic: Indirect Costs  (January 2023)
    Topic: Joint Ventures and For-Profit Entities (Reviewed 2022)
    Topic: Lost Revenue (January 2008)
    Topic: Reporting Programs with No Expenses (Reviewed 2022)
    Topic: Reporting Restricted Grants (June 2014)
    Topic: Splitting Costs between Community Benefit and Marketing (February 2008) 
  1. General Questions
    Topic: Changing Target Populations of Current Community Benefit Programs (June 2014)
    Topic: Counting Persons Served (April 2009;  Updated November 2015)
    Topic: Expense of Grant Writing (September 2021)
    Topic: IT Costs (October 2008)
    Topic: Reporting Telemedicine/Telehealth Programs and Activities (January 2015)
    Topic: Timing of CHNA to be Reported on Schedule H (March 2018)

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