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Evaluation of Community Benefit Programs

It is essential to evaluate community benefit programs in order to improve programs and ensure the effectiveness of actions taken to address significant health needs in the community.

Community benefit program evaluation is important for compliance reasons as well. The Affordable Care Act added requirements for tax-exempt hospitals to assess the health needs of their communities every three years. The federal regulations implementing those requirements specify that hospitals need to include in their community health needs assessment (CHNA) reports an evaluation of the impact of actions taken to address the significant health needs from their immediately preceding CHNA report (Treas. Reg. § 1.501(r)-3). The intent of these requirements is to increase transparency and accountability around tax-exempt hospitals' obligation to improve community health.

2018 Community Benefit Program Evaluation Webinar Series Recordings

Recordings from CHA/Vizient's webinar series on community benefit program evaluation are now available. The series, based on CHA's guide Evaluating Your Community Benefit Impact, was designed to help community benefit managers document the progress and impact of their programs while meeting Internal Revenue Service and/or funder requirements for program evaluation.  

Other Resources

Evaluating Your Community Benefit Impact
Designed to help community benefit leaders take a systematic approach to evaluating and improving their programs and to meet their legal requirements by applying the knowledge and experience of public health program evaluation to community benefit programs.
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