Pediatricians address parents' fears about COVID vaccines for kids

As of Aug. 31, 47% of people aged 12-17 had been partially or fully inoculated against COVID-19 — the lowest percentage of any age group eligible for vaccination, according to data analysis from The Washington Post.

Wages rise for workers on lowest pay rungs at many Catholic systems

Executives at several Catholic health systems that have raised their minimum wages to $15 an hour in recent months say the move was driven by a desire to provide all workers a living wage as well as by the tight labor market.

As climate threat worsens, CHA, members amp up environmental efforts

As scientists point to wildfires and severe drought across much of the American West, flooding in the Midwest, hurricanes in the South and other extreme weather as evidence of global warming's impact, CHA, its members and other Catholic organizations are ramping up their efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Growing stronger together at burn camp

Melissa Kersten remembers when, early in her time as a counselor at what is known as Burn Camp in Wisconsin, she overheard a group of girls chatting. One of them said: "I would never change what happened to me for anything" and the others agreed.

Young students and seniors shine in St. Vincent Foster Grandparent Program

Colleen Stiles, 78, was as excited as a schoolgirl last month when the kids returned to the elementary school classroom in Billings, Montana, where she works with children who need a boost with academic or developmental skills.

Catholic aid agencies mobilize to respond to Haiti quake victims

Several Catholic agencies already working in Haiti rushed medical and humanitarian support to victims of the earthquake that struck a southwestern region of the country on Aug. 14.

Trinity renovating continuum of care sites in line with seniors' expectations

Trinity Health Senior Communities is remodeling three of its senior living campuses in response to evolving preferences of seniors. The seniors' changing expectations were reflected in surveys the continuum of care system has conducted to inform the capital projects.

'A great blessing from God': Expert panel urges Catholics to get vaccine

There was no doubt among a panel of experts who discussed the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic and the rationale for vaccination from a Catholic perspective that inoculation is a moral imperative in line with Catholic teachings.

"It's a great blessing from God," Fr. Nicanor Austriaco said of the broad availability of COVID vaccines in the United States. "Let's not abuse it. Let's get this done."
Man and woman at a parade

PACE providers help keep fragile seniors safe during pandemic

Providers flip their operating model to provide more services at home
During the worst of the pandemic and prior to being vaccinated against COVID-19, Vivian Collick, 79, of Philadelphia, was afraid to venture out of her senior living apartment complex for supplies or medical care.
Closed sign

Ministry systems commit to spend more with minority- and women-owned vendors

About 20% of small businesses have closed either temporarily or permanently during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Mercy clinic

Clinic delivers on Mercy's promise to invest in Ferguson, Mo.

FERGUSON, Mo. — One of the people who stopped by the Mercy Clinic Primary Care – Ferguson within the first few weeks of its opening in late July was a Black man who couldn't find a doctor who would accept his insurance.
Woman talking about her experience

Program treats needy for substance abuse that costs them dearly

Jamie George had been through eight drug treatment programs for heroin dependency when he checked into Waterfront Recovery Services on Dec. 5, 2018.

Fueled by empathy, social worker finds housing for patients

To help people who are homeless, Emily Corey must have two work homes. Corey is the first hospital homeless service coordinator for SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital, working for and with a provider of services for people who are experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity.

Toolkit offers guidance on how hospitals can make community investments

A resource produced by the Center for Community Investment in partnership with CHA aims to help hospitals and health systems make investments that benefit their communities and provide returns that can generate more investments.
Architect's rendering of new medical center

SCL Health starts work on new Lutheran Medical Center near Denver

SCL Health is building a $650 million replacement hospital for its Lutheran Medical Center in the Denver suburb of Wheat Ridge.

Catholic aid agencies mobilize to respond to Haiti quake victims

Several Catholic agencies already working in Haiti are rushing medical and humanitarian support to victims of the earthquake that struck a southwestern region on Aug. 14.

Care communities face stiff competition to meet their workforce needs

Despite offering sign-on bonuses, referral bonuses and starting pay of at least $15 per hour, Avera Health is getting an underwhelming response to postings for job openings at its nursing homes, assisted living communities and rehabilitation centers across the Upper Midwest.

Long-term care providers slowly recovering from pandemic's financial hits

The pandemic has dealt heavy financial blows to long-term care providers and many are still reeling from the impact.

Hospitals partner up to offer hospital-at-home services

When the doctor overseeing his care at Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital Midtown in Nashville gave Clinton Hammock the option of finishing his treatment for his cardiac condition at home, Hammock said yes.

Mercy Medical Center aids in Baltimore's fight against human trafficking

When a first responder or social services provider in Baltimore suspects a person they are aiding is the victim of human trafficking, they have the ability to call in a "blue dot incident" and arrange for a "warm handoff" to a nurse trained in forensic exams and caring for victims of crimes and trauma.

Nurse is Texas hospital's first Good Samaritan honoree

Cortney Shelton says she wants to believe that anyone with medical training would have responded just as she did when she saw a motorcyclist fly off of his bike on a busy interstate.

Avera says sale of its eCare division will give millions access to telehealth

A big reason that Avera Health decided to sell its telemedicine platform, Avera eCare, was so the service could gain wider use, Avera President and Chief Executive Bob Sutton said.

Mercy begins work on women's hospital in Oklahoma City

Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City is building a $98 million four-story women's center to meet a growing need for labor and delivery and postpartum services.

HSHS drive-thru lets patients access services without leaving their cars

Patients in need of lab tests, vaccinations and blood pressure checks can get them from the HSHS Medical Group in Decatur or O'Fallon, Illinois, without getting out of their car.

'Heartbeats in a Bottle' comfort grieving family members

When a patient dies in the intensive care unit at Mercy Medical Center in Springfield, Massachusetts, nurse Maria Hermanson gives the patient's nearest family members an expression of sympathy she calls "Heartbeats in a Bottle."

Require vaccinations or just encourage them? Systems are split on decision

(Updated from the original version)
At least four Catholic health systems that together have about 350,000 workers have decided to require COVID-19 vaccines, citing studies that show the shots are safe and effective.

Catholic providers entwine mental health services with medical care

Increasingly across the U.S., health care policymakers, payers and providers are recognizing the value of integrating mental health care into the medical health care continuum.

Providence mines observations from patients to learn about COVID symptoms, impacts

In spring 2020, Dr. Ari Robicsek got a call from his sister in Toronto, who said she was having fevers that waxed and waned as well as anxiety attacks that were uncommon for her.

Mural in SSM Health hospital tunnel brightens passage for workers

The project that SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital – Madison in Wisconsin hired artist Mike Lroy for wasn't a simple one.

CHRISTUS nurses take stock of the sacred in their work through story sharing

At the end of her yearlong residency at CHRISTUS Southeast Texas – St. Elizabeth, Kaitlyn Read joined the other new registered nurses in relating an experience from the previous 12 months that reflected the system's mission in action.

Former Hollywood actor now fights polluters on Texas' Gulf Coast

When Hollywood actor and stuntman Hilton Kelley visited his hometown of Port Arthur, Texas, in 2000 after 20 years away, he was taken aback by how much the Gulf Coast community had deteriorated since his youth.

Providence St. Mary, Kaiser Permanente partner to build Southern California hospital

Providence St. Mary Medical Center of Apple Valley, California, is partnering with Kaiser Permanente to build a replacement hospital in San Bernardino County's Victorville. The partners plan to open the campus in 2026.

Ascension St. Vincent in Indianapolis plans $325 million expansion

Ascension St. Vincent will invest $325 million to expand its flagship campus in Indianapolis, including relocating Ascension St. Vincent Women's Hospital there and building a new Brain and Spine Hospital.

Britton to transition to executive chair of Mercy board in 2022

Lynn Britton will transition from president and chief executive of Mercy health system to executive chair of the Mercy Board of Directors at a yet to be determined date in 2022.

Keeping Up

Dr. Matt Biersack to president of Mercy Health Saint Mary's of Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is part of Trinity Health.

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Sept. 1 – PACE providers help keep fragile seniors safe during pandemic

Sept. 1 – Program treats needy for substance abuse that costs them dearly

Sept. 1 – Ministry systems commit to spend more with minority- and women-owned vendors

Aug. 15 – HSHS drive-thru lets patients access services without leaving their cars

Aug. 15 – Hospitals partner up to offer hospital-at-home services

Aug. 15 – Long-term care providers slowly recovering from pandemic’s financial hits

Aug. 15 – Care communities face stiff competition to meet their workforce needs

Aug. 1 – Require vaccinations or just encourage them? Systems are split on decision

Aug. 1 – Providence mines observations from patients to learn about COVID symptoms, impacts

June 15 – Brought together by pandemic, Colorado physician leaders hope to stay united

June 15 – Documentary captures trauma, resilience of COVID caregivers

June 15 – Health systems get creative to overcome vaccine barriers

June 1 – Health systems say virtual work is here to stay

June 1 – Ministry rallies to meet uptick in need for behavioral health care

June 1 – Hospitals rejoice as volunteers return to duty

May 15 – Mercy Oklahoma City keeps up relentless pace in race against virus

May 15 – Mercy Oklahoma City keeps up relentless pace in race against virus

May 15 – A year of pandemic: Workers share heartbreak, successes of COVID response

May 1 – Native American patients adapt spiritual practices to COVID realities

May 1 – Indigenous people have fared far worse in pandemic than white people

May 1 – Hugs, hand-holding: Long-term care opens up to more intimate visits

April – Catholic eldercare facilities cheer new guidance that more fully opens visitation

April – As end of eviction moratorium looms, advocates fear housing crisis will spike

April – Crew from Dell Children's braves storm to reach fragile newborn

March – Covenant Health marks pandemic's anniversary with focus on staff well-being

March 15 – Catholic health systems, partners tackle food insecurity close to home

March 15 – Health ministry, partners help contain virus spread among homeless

March 15 – Advocates work on acute and structural causes of food insecurity

March 1 – Playbook perfect: SCL Health vaccinates 5,000 at one event

March 1 – Pandemic adds to stress of patients with dementia and their caregivers

March 1 – CHA leads, members drive effort to end racism, health disparities

Feb. 15 – Doctor who treated first U.S. COVID patient reflects

Feb. 15 – Pandemic takes harsh toll on people isolated by dementia

Feb. 15 – As COVID symptoms linger, doctors search for causes, treatments

Feb. 15 – Ministry facilities aim to increase vaccine acceptance among people of color

Feb. 1 – In the spotlight: Clinicians champion public health safeguards

Jan. 22 – Ash Wednesday without ashes? CHA offers resources for COVID-safe observances

Jan. 2021 – Ministry facilities promote vaccination among staff

Jan. 2021 – Ministry systems promote vaccine acceptance among minority staff

Jan. 2021 – Ethicist says COVID vaccine plans align with Catholic teachings

Jan. 2021 – CHA enhances its well-being resources for ministry employees

Jan. 2021 – Commander of St. Louis task force leads drive to thwart pandemic

Jan. 2021 – Catholic health systems hop to it as massive vaccination effort begins

Dec. 15 – Adapt, celebrate: Catholic health facilities serve up holiday cheer

Dec. 11 – The pandemic's harsh toll on people with dementia deserves attention, expert says

Dec. 10 – As COVID admissions strain hospital capacity, chaplains must prioritize staff well-being, says mission leader


Dec. 1 – Ascension, CHRISTUS host virtual memorial services to honor deceased colleagues

Dec. 1 – Mercy Health team cautiously resumes parish nursing program

Nov. 30 – ICU nurse soldiers on at South Dakota hospital in thick of COVID surge

Nov. 20 – Leader of St. Louis regional pandemic task force warns of worse to come

Nov. 15 – ArchCare's Calvary offers grief support in the time of COVID-19

Nov. 1 – Providence St. Joseph Health study finds age, address, ethnicity are among COVID risk factors

Nov. 1 – ArchCare chief executive says system is fortified against another wave of coronavirus

Oct. 1 – Community benefit departments shift gears to respond to hard times

Sept. 23 – CHI Health pulmonologist says sticking to the fundamentals of ICU medicine saved lives of COVID patients

Sept. 22 – Eldercare facility staff guard against the consequences of isolation

Sept. 22 – With abundance of caution, care communities move toward welcoming visitors back

Sept. 8 – Dignity Health physician executive removes barriers to pandemic innovations

Sept. 4 – Interpreters help non-English speakers navigate the pandemic

Sept. 1 – For those resuming in-person school, ministry providers offer guidance, resources

Sept. 1 – Chaplains find patients searching for insights, open to deep spiritual conversations

Sept. 1 – Ministry chaplains lighten emotional, spiritual burdens of pandemic caregivers

Sept. 1 – In fire amid pandemic, Wisconsin eldercare workers rush to the rescue

Aug. 28 – Health system executives say much is being learned, shared as pandemic unfolds

Aug. 24 – Eldercare staff keep the good times rolling amid lockdowns

Aug. 18 – Pandemic alters delivery of sacraments in health care settings

Aug. 17 – Sound public health data is essential to safe school reopenings

Aug. 11 – Mercy, SSM Health open new hospitals amid pandemic

Aug. 10 – HSHS doctor describes COVID response as 'building an airplane' midflight

July 31 – CHI Health hosts 'virtual assembly' for teachers preparing to return to the physical classroom

July 30 – Isolation, loneliness take their toll during the COVID-19 pandemic

July 29 – Nurse bonded with families as liaison for patients with COVID-19 in ICU

July 27 – Hospital's meal program boosts spirits of givers and receivers

July 24 – Benedictine campus nursing director says values remain paramount in pandemic response

July 23 – Eldercare staff work conscientiously to protect residents from COVID-19, says infection preventionist

July 22   Catholic systems urge public to mask up for the sake of others

July 20 – Congregations find creative ways to support health ministry amid shutdowns

July 8 – Incarnate Word sisters aid asylum seekers at the southern border

July 7 – Four siblings care for patients and each other through the pandemic

June 30 – Allocation of scarce resources shouldn't shunt people with disabilities, ethicist says

June 23 – SSM Health neurosurgeon helps sound the alarm about stroke risk linked to pandemic

June 22 – Nursing homes can help counter pandemic’s toll on older Americans, ethicist says

June 18 – From Food Drives to Front Porches, Health Education and Outreach Prove Key to COVID Fight

June 15 – Nurse-ethicist-professor identifies most of all as healer

June 12 – Graf believes that everyone deserves a safe, affordable place to call home

June 11 – Casey ensures that medically fragile children get highly individualized emergency care

June 10 – CHRISTUS hospital in Texas opens drive-thru emergency room

June 3 – SCL Health shares tools it offers for employee mental health

June 1 – On whether to publicly identify COVID patients, Catholic ethicists can disagree

May 28 – Reasoned action is needed to restart clinical training for medical and nursing students, ethicists say

May 27 – Trinity Health: Some changes wrought by the pandemic may be permanent and costly

May 26 – Caregivers ride emotional roller coaster from heroic wins to devastating loss

May 21 – Rural physician takes a measure of himself in the shoals of the pandemic

May 20 – As pandemic makes staples scarce, health systems turn to suppliers near and far

May 19 – Trinity Health offers free COVID-19 testing in hard-hit areas in and near Detroit

May 15 – Commentary: COVID-19 amplifies already urgent need for solutions to homelessness

May 14 – Pandemic laid bare emerging and ongoing ethical dilemmas, say Providence ethicists

May 13 – Rural hospitals make contingency plans to account for, limit vulnerabilities

May 11 – Hospitals see up to half their patients delaying ER visits, other health care, during the pandemic

May 7 – Emergency management and financial experts share tips on tapping COVID-19 federal assistance

May 5 – Hospitals set up grocery stores, offer takeout meals for employees during pandemic

May 1 – After near-death bout with COVID-19, Mercy patient who got plasma treatment is almost ready to go home

May 1 – SSM Health DePaul partners with food bank for a healthier start to family life

April 21 – Centura Health nurses come flying when New Jersey hospitals call for help

April 21 – Providence St. Joseph associates get quick access to mental health care amid pandemic

April 20 – Happy hours: Orthopedic surgeon lifts spirits by producing hand sanitizer at his vodka distillery

April 16 – As pandemic spreads, use of telehealth by clinicians and health systems surges

April 10 – Hallway karaoke and bingo with call lights: Residential care centers get creative to keep residents engaged, connected

April 9 – HSHS home care staffers deliver 'Baskets of Blessings' for Easter

April 8 – Palliative care practitioners can stretch resources while defending the integrity of their specialty

April 6 – Foundational principles should guide care decisions for COVID-19 patients, ethicists say

April 6 – SSM finds Costco partnership especially timely amid health emergency

April 3 – ArchCare pleads for personal protective equipment

April 2 – Iowa hospital asks visitors and patients to mask up to protect others

April 2 – Health facilities turn to virtual visits to keep public at safe distance

March 30 – Hospitals asking community for personal protective gear is 'unprecedented'

March 30 – PeaceHealth workers in Washington volunteer for duty at hard-hit private rehab center

March 27 – Providence St. Joseph moves to shore up supplies ahead of surge of COVID-19 patients

March 24 – Mass General disaster medicine specialist shares COVID-19 preparations and concerns