DEI Discussion Guide

A Health Progress Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Discussion Guide

Catholic health care considers its commitment to promote and defend human dignity foundational to the work we do. In 2020, CHA launched “We Are Called” to confront racism and achieve health equity. This discussion guide was created, at the suggestion of Health Progress’ advisory council, to provide a means in often busy Catholic health care settings to learn, discuss and consider ways to move toward greater understanding of one another and patients and how to work together for improved diversity, equity and inclusion in the work of the ministry. As A Shared Statement of Identity highlights, “our ministry is an enduring sign of health care rooted in our belief that every person is a treasure, every life a sacred gift, every human being a unity of body, mind, and spirit.”

This guide includes an opening and closing prayer from CHA’s resources, as well as three Health Progress articles for reflection, discussion and as a call to action. Additional details and updated coverage of the We Are Called work is available at