Pause. Breathe. Heal.

Meditation Reflections

Three Minutes and Under

"Exhale" Reflection Videos

Meditation Practices

CHA is pleased to offer a set of Meditation Practices varying in length in both video and audio formats. These practices are specifically designed to help support your well-being, amidst the chaos of the day.

Three Minute
Audio | Video | YouTube

Seven Minute
Audio | Video | YouTube

Twelve Minute
Audio | Video | YouTube

External Guided Meditations

Helpful Apps

  • Headspace: meditation and mindfulness app, is offering the following free content during the current global crisis
  • The Calm app: is offering meditations for centering, sleep, and mindfulness in addition to children's resources. Find specific free resources for dealing with the coronavirus in their full library
  • Insight Timer and Healthy Minds provide excellent resources for anxiety / sleep and overall wellbeing.