Text: Health Care Ethics USA

Winter-Spring 2020

Volume 28, Number 1

Feature Article

Ethics Documentation in the EMR: Exploring the 'Why' Behind Standardized Templates

By Leslie Kuhnel, D.Be., HEC-C and Mark Repenshek, Ph.D.

But Can It Be Measured? Designing and Operationalizing Evaluation Plans to Enhance the Quality of an Ethics Service

By Mary E. Homan, DrPH, MA, MSHCE

Getting to Know You: Building an Ethics Consultation Service from the Ground Up

By Claire Horner, JD, MA

Self-Care for Ethicists

By Matthew R. Kenney, Ph.D.

Bylaws for Clinical Ethics Consultation at the Providence Center for Health Care Ethics

By Nicholas J. Kockler, Ph.D., M.S.

A Three-Pronged Approach to Ecclesial Relations

By John F. Morris, Ph.D.

Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines

By Christopher Ostertag, Mark Repenshek, Ph.D., and John Paul Slosar, Ph.D.

Integrating Mission and Values Into Everyday Decision-Making for Leadership Teams

By Emily K. Trancik, Ph.D.

How the 'Complex Care Team' Supports Ethics in Complex Cases

By Jenny Heyl, Ph.D.

When to Hire a Clinical Ethicist

Standard System-Wide Mission and Ethics Curriculum for Medical Residents

By Becket Gremmels, Ph.D.

Conscientious Refusals in Health Care

By Jason T. Eberl, Ph.D. and Christopher Ostertag

Ethos: A Journal of Catholic Health Culture

By Elliott Louis Bedford, MA, Ph.D.

Catholic Health Ethics Internships: Lessons Learned From Five Years' Experience

By Elliott Louis Bedford, MA, Ph.D.

The Inaugural Catholic Health Care Ethics Innovation Forum

By Nicholas J. Kockler, Ph.D., M.S., Mark Repenshek, Ph.D., Becket Gremmels, Ph.D., and Kevin Murphy, Ph.D.

Also In This Issue

Legal Lens: Winter-Spring 2020

Literature Review: Cultivating a Lens of Mutual Learning Among Contraception and NFP Literature

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