Text: Health Care Ethics USA

Winter 2021

Volume 29, Number 1

Feature Article

The Second Annual Catholic Healthcare Innovation in Ethics Forum

By Nicholas J. Kockler, Ph.D., M.S., Mark Repenshek, Ph.D., Jenny Heyl, Ph.D., Rachelle Barina, Ph.D., Becket Gremmels, Ph.D., and Kevin Murphy, Ph.D.

On the Purpose, Role(s) and Function(s) of Catholic Health Care Ethics Leaders

By Elliott Louis Bedford, MA, Ph.D.

Unilateral Withdrawal of Life-Sustaining Treatment Within Crisis Standards of Care

By Jason T. Eberl, Ph.D.

A Proposed Pipeline for Ethicists

By Becket Gremmels, Ph.D.

The Virtual Clinical Ethics Intensive

By Matthew R. Kenney, Ph.D., HEC-C

Global Bioethics in a Pandemic: A Dialogical Approach

By Alexandre Martins, MI, Ph.D.

Integrating Ethics in Formation: Exploring Courses in Leadership Formation

By Matthew R. Kenney, Ph.D., Celeste DeSchryver Mueller, D.Min., and Mark Repenshek, Ph.D.

Hiring Clinical Ethicists: Building on Gremmels' Staffing Model Approach

By Mark Repenshek, Ph.D.

Shared Ethics Call: Responding to the Needs of the Organization and the Health of Its Ethicists

By Jenna Speckart, D.Be., M.A.

Integrating Formative Practices into Ethics Education

By Emily K. Trancik, Ph.D.

Also In This Issue

Legal Lens - Winter 2021

Literature Review - Navigating Hesitancy and Resistance: Conscience Concerns Regarding the COVID-19 Vaccine

By Addison S. Tenorio

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