Health Progress Current Issue

March-April 2017   |   Volume 98, Number 2

Philanthropy in Catholic Health Care

March April 2017

Giving is 'Where Love and Need are One'

By: Dan McCormack

I had been reading Robert Frost's poetry since elementary school, but I didn't discover "Two Tramps in Mud Time" until I was in my 30s. It's a fairly long poem; in it, Frost is splitting logs in his yard when he is approached by two out-of-work lumbermen who are looking to earn some money. The poet resists. While recognizing the tramps' need for gainful employment, Frost simply is enjoying his labor too much to pay someone to do it for him.

Begging Without Shame-Medieval Mendicant Orders Relied on Contributions'Begging Without Shame': Medieval Mendicant Orders Relied on Contributions

By: Fr. Thomas Nairn, OFM, PhD

The period from the 11th to 13th centuries witnessed the rise of a money economy in Europe. Cities grew and multiplied; more and more land was cultivated, increasing the wealth of landowners; and a new-sprung merchant class made it possible for those who were not part of the aristocracy to accumulate wealth.

Catholic Families and How They Give Back

By: Jaclyn Houghton Bardin
The son of Irish immigrant parents, Bob Healey grew up during the Great Depression, and he remembers what it was like to be poor. "When you're poor, you never forget that," he said, describing how he wore pieces of cardboard in his shoes to cover the holes. It was this upbringing, along with his strong Catholic faith, that led the 87-year-old down a path of hard work and generosity.

A New Way to Consider-Charity vs PhilanthropyA New Way to Consider Charity vs. Philanthropy

By: Jane R. Lanier, CFRE

When we think about philanthropy and charity, we naturally think about the generosity of individuals who care about the well-being of others. In Catholic health care, we have the opportunity every day to see that generosity firsthand. We see generosity in the philanthropic and charitable gifts that made a Women and Infants Pavilion take shape at Ascension's St. Vincent's HealthCare in Jacksonville, Florida. In this pavilion, all women, regardless of their socioeconomic status or ability to pay, will receive the same state-of-the-art, compassionate care. That goes for St. Vincent's heart centers and cancer centers and community outreach programs, all funded in part by the generosity of people who think about the importance of giving as part of their nature.

Taking Philanthropy Beyond Hospital WallsTaking Philanthropy Beyond Hospital Walls

By: Fred Najjar, MS
There is no greater act of kindness than that of giving back, and of the many ways to give back, philanthropy is critical to health care. Dignity Health relies on philanthropic support to help it to grow and to move its hospitals and communities from good to great.

Big Fish to Fry-Quest for Major Donors'Big Fish to Fry': Quest for Major Donors

By: Leslie Biggins Mollsen
I met him in the lobby of a large hotel in the Midwest as we were waiting for the doors to open to a panel discussion of health care experts. I noticed his name tag and recognized his Catholic health care system immediately. We had a common network. I introduced myself and discovered he was the system's chief financial officer. We were having a pleasant chat when I asked him about his system's foundation.

Women of Mission and How They GrowWomen of Mission and How They Grow

By: Laura Richter, MDiv
As I turn the corner into midlife, I find myself questioning many things — what sort of work I want to do, how I am spending my time and what legacy I want to leave in the world. Sometimes my pondering leads me to a deeper reflection on my hopes for my children. I want my daughters to be givers, to be women of mission — not to adopt my mission and my values, but rather to learn and experience the world and shape their own beliefs in a way that is true to who they are.

Assess Fundraising Like Other Aspects of Health Care

By: Megan Mahncke, MA
Almost a year ago at SCL Health, we launched an assessment of philanthropy across the organization. When it comes to fundraising, here's the vital question: "Are we raising as much money as we possibly can?"

A Spirituality of Fundraising by Henri Nouwen (excerpt)

By: Henri Nouwen
In Laudato Si', Pope Francis calls on us to pay attention to our social fabric, the community and social structures that sustain us. To combat social anonymity, antisocial behavior and violence, the Holy Father invites us to "weave bonds of belonging and togetherness … into an experience of community," calling on us to promote ways to "increase our sense of belonging, of rootedness, of 'feeling at home' within a city which includes us and brings us together."




Prayer Service - Serving Those in Need

By: Lynette Ballard, MA, MAHCM