Community Immunization


Our children's hospital offered free flu shots to visitors (i.e., individuals and families that paid an admission fee) of the local Children's Museum. The flu shots were offered on a "discounted day" at the museum, which is located in a low-income neighborhood in our city (though we do not have demographic information on those who received the flu shot). Our health system does have an ongoing partnerships with the museum, but the flu shots were not part of any contractual agreement nor part of a quid pro quo arrangement.

The offering of flu shots are part of our health system's efforts to help community members protect against influenza and help lessen the double threat of influenza and COVID-19 on the community and healthcare system (i.e., not just our health system, but the entire system). Our state, along with the rest of the U.S., is experiencing a pandemic as a result of coronavirus. Offering the shots also increases access to care.

The vaccines were administered for free to people who paid to visit the museum. Does this impact community benefit status?


Recommendation: We recommend it be reported as community benefit. You are meeting an important community health need

(November 2020)
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