Forensic Processes

Question:Our Forensic Nursing team is involved with several area coalitions to review and address child sexual and child physical abuse cases, as well as human trafficking victims. In addition, they are part of the local team that reviews forensic processes for our service areas and serve as trainers for the Sexual Assault Response Program. Should their activities be reported as community benefit?

Recommendation: When your forensic nursing team is serving on coalitions and teaching community members and groups about sexual assault response, the expense of their time can be reported as community benefit as A1. Community Health Improvement Services, Community Health Education.

When they perform clinical services in your hospital, their activities would be considered the cost of providing care and this would not be reported as community benefit.

Caution: If your forensic nursing team is included within a subsidized health service (i.e. Emergency Department) or other community benefit category, be sure not to double count costs. (Updated April 2024)

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