Tree Planting

Question: We are interested in working with a local non-profit to plant trees on our campus AND on public land surrounding our campus, but I am finding conflicting information when I try and review CB policy. Can you help me understand which policy applies, and if organizations are counting such activities?  Should we really only be counting tree planting activities that aren't on our campus? Can we count tree planting on our campus if we are able to show a community need/benefit?

Recommendation: You can justify tree planting as an environmental improvement. This would be especially important in a low-income area where there are few trees and in hot weather, little shade. You can report the cost to the hospital, but not the cost financed supplied the other organization. Also, if you were given contributions for this project, that amount must be offset. You can include the staff time involved if they were being paid to do this, but not if they were volunteering.

(November 2021)

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