Social and Environmental Improvement Activities

Topic List

Topic: Advocacy on Behalf of Special Needs Children (November 2023)
Topic: Community Benefit or Community Building Activity (November 2015)
Community-wide Quality Improvement/Care Coordination Efforts (March 2013)
Topic: Economic Stability Grants  (December 2022, Updated January 2023)
Topic: Educating Hospitals About Successful Environmental Practices (August 2009)
Topic: Food Pantry (November 2023)
Topic: Food Policy/Leadership Councils (August 2013)
Topic: Human Trafficking Education and Response (March 2022)
Topic: Physician Recruitment (March 2013; Updated November 2015)
Topic: Providing Place for Exercise/Play (March 2016)
Topic: Purchasing and Supplier Diversity (November 2023)
Topic: Sustainable Farming (March 2013)
Topic: Tree Planting (November 2021)