Community-Building Activities

Topic List

Topic: Advocacy (February 2010)
Topic: Chamber of Commerce (May 2009; Updated November 2015)
Topic: Child Day Care (2007)
Topic: Coronavirus Planning and Preparations (March 2020)
Topic: Disaster Preparedness (Updated April 2015; Updated November 2015)
Topic: Ebola Planning and Preparations (December 2014)
Topic: Exploring Health Careers (August 2021)
Topic: Green Purchasing (October 2008)
Topic: Hiring and Training Handicapped Workers (April 2011)
Topic: Income Tax Assistance Program (May 2010)
Topic: Literacy Program (August 2010)
Topic: Physician Recruitment (Updated March 2013; Updated March 2018)
Topic: Recruiting for Clinical Laboratory Personnel (April 2009; Updated November 2015)
Topic: Socially Responsible Investing (October 2008; Updated November 2015)
Topic: Workforce Development — Shadowing (August 2015; Updated November 2015)