Health Care Support Services

Topic List

Topic: Accreditation and Licensure  (February 2024)
Topic: Applying for Guardianship (July 2020)
Topic: Baby Supplies for New Mothers (January 2011)
Topic: Bereavement Support Remembrance Services (June 2012)
Topic: Building a Sports Complex (December 2022)
Topic: Cancer Registries  (April 2024)
Topic: Car Seat Safety Program (November 2022)
Topic: Catholic Mass Open to Community (January 2009)
Topic: Charity Tracker (May 2022)
Topic: Connecting Patients to Community Resources (e.g. Health Leads) (Updated December 2023)
Topic: Drug Donation Program (January 2023)
Topic: Enrollment Assistance (Updated April 2015)
Topic: Genetic Counseling (November 2015)
Topic: Interpreter (oral)/Translation (written) Services (May 2019)
Topic: Lifeline Services (January 2009)
Topic: Nurse Navigators (November 2013)
Topic: PACE Housing (November 2015)
Topic: Pastoral Care Programs (August 2009)
Topic: Paying Expenses on Behalf of Individuals (Updated November 2015)
Topic: Paying for Care in Outside Facility (Updated November 2015)
Topic: Paying for Low-Income Patient Burial Costs (Updated November 2015)
Topic: Providing Access to Post-Acute Care for Homeless and Uninsured
(Updated November 2015)
Topic: Residential Facilities for Patients and Families
(Updated July 2013)
Topic: Screening and Post Discharge/Care Management Services for Hospital’s Low-Income Patients
 (Updated December 2023)
Topic: Support Group (April 2009)
Topic: Transportation (2007)
Topic: Transporting Breast Milk (June 2012)