Workforce Development - Shadowing

Question: How do we report time spent by staff when students from the community who are interested in health careers shadow them or talk to them about health careers?

Recommendation:  We recommend that the organization study what percentage of time staff members spend away from their duties when working with students and use the findings to set a percentage. We recommend this approach because the percentage can vary based on type of hospital, type of service being shown and other factors. In any case, we do not recommend reporting more than 25% percent of a staff person's time if they are being shadowed by or talking to a student. If an organization reports 100% of a staff person's time then it should justify this cost. Situations where 100% of staff time might be reported might include activities, such as classroom training, that take staff away from regularly scheduled activities. Report under Community Building, F8.

(August 2015; Updated November 2015)

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