Cash & In-Kind Contributions

Topic List

Topic: After Prom Donations (January 2009)
Topic: Ambulance Service (February 2010)
Topic: Attending Meetings (April 2009)
Topic: Blood Drives (July 2014)
Topic: Breast Milk Bank (October 2019)
Topic: Cash Contribution Outside Community (August 2021)
Topic: Community Benefit or Community Building Donations (April 2009; Updated November 2015)
Topic: Contribution for Fireworks Display (May 2010)
Topic: Contribution for School Movement Program  (August 2019)
Topic: Contributions to Statewide Nonprofit Insurance Organization (November 2013)
Topic: Donated Equipment/Supplies — Locally & Globally (2009; Updated March 2018)
Topic: Donated Food (2007)
Topic: Donated Hospital Services — Lab, Radiology, Pharmacy (2007; Updated November 2015)
Topic: Donated Space (2007)
Topic: Donations on Behalf of Employees (May 2018)
Topic: Donations to Employees (February 2008)
Topic: Donation to Endowment Fund for School for the Deaf (May 2010)
Topic: Electronic Health Records (2012; Updated November 2015)
Topic: Employee and Physician Time (2007; Updated November 2015)
Topic: Employee Paid Volunteer Hours (November 2023)
Topic: Employee Participation in Professional Organizations (May 2012)
Topic: Employee Time and Fund-Raising Costs (April 2009)
Topic: Grants (March 2022)
Topic: Foreign Poverty Tours/Medical Missions (September 2012)
Topic: Free Telemedicine Services to Community Hospitals (January 2011)
Topic: Funds and Services Donated by One Organization to Another (2007)
Topic: Fundraising and Sponsorship Events (October 2008; Revised November 2008; Revised January 2011; Revised February 2014; Updated August 2021)
Topic: Funds Raised by Hospital Auxiliary Groups (2007; Updated November 2015)
Topic: Hospital Volunteers' Time (2007)
Topic: Letters Restricting Donations (2007; Updated 2015)
Topic: Medical Respite Program (August 2009)
Topic: Parking (2011)
Topic: PILOTS/SILOTS (2007)
Topic: Scholarships for Health Professions Education (August 2013)
Topic: Scholarships for Pediatric Cancer Survivors (April 2011)
Topic: School and Team Sports (December 2009)
Topic: Voter Registration Education (June 2012)