Treating Opioid Addiction

Question: Can giving Norcan/Noloxone to patients with a certain dosage of opioids be reported as community benefit?

Recommendation: Routine prescribing and distribution of Norcan/Noloxone has become a standard of care and should not be reported as community benefit. Free prescriptions for patients who meet the organization's financial assistance policy can be reported as community benefit/financial assistance.

The following activities related to treating opioid addiction can be reported as community health improvement:

  • Training speakers and speaking to community members on opioid addiction and how to use naloxone
  • Distribution of kits (not related to specific patients)
  • Participating in community events about opioid addiction, other substance abuse, and treatments
  • Contributions and costs of participating in government and other organization coalitions concerned with addressing opioid addiction.
(August 2019)


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