Employee Health Promotion

Question: If the organization gives its employees flu shots, should the expense be counted as community benefit?

Recommendation: This program should not be counted. This is primarily an infection control or human resource program making it part of the organization's routine operations and thus, not a community benefit.


Question: Our health system provided free flu shots to families and caregivers of health system employees, regardless of their insurance status. The offering of flu shots are part of our health system's efforts to help community members protect against influenza and help lessen the double threat of influenza and COVID-19 on the community and healthcare system (i.e., not just our health system, but the entire system). Our state, along with the rest of the U.S., is experiencing a pandemic as a result of coronavirus. Offering the shots also increases access to care.

Are services provided to the families and/or caregivers of our health system employees (regardless of their insurance status) reportable as community benefit? Our health system is increasing its efforts to assist team members, especially those in low-income jobs.  

Response: These services should not be reported as community benefit because they are not open to the general community, but are offered only to employees and their families.

(November 2020)
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