Community Health Improvement Services - Archive

Community Health Education

Topic: Addressing Hospital Industry Hazards and Injuries (August 2009)
Topic: Advanced Directives (October 2008)
Topic: Community Awareness/Education (June 2012)
Topic: Community Health Resource Center (February 2011)
Topic: Competition to Increase Awareness of Mental Illness (August 2009)
Topic: Health Fairs/Screenings (2007)
Topic: Hospital Website Provides Public Health Information (August 2009)
Topic: Is it Marketing? (April 2009)
Topic: Media Outreach Programs (Updated June 2012)
Topic: Prenatal Classes (May 2010)
Topic: Program T-shirts and Accessories (December 2014)

Community-Based Clinical Services

Topic: Employee Health Promotion (2007)
Topic: Employer Screenings (November 2008)
Topic: Fast Track Clinic Expenses (August 2009)
Topic: Health Promotion for Long-Term Care Residents (April 2009)
Topic: Immunizations for Patients (August 2009)

Health Care Support Services

Topic: Applying for Guardianship (September 2012)
Topic: Baby Supplies for New Mothers (January 2011)
Topic: Bereavement Support Remembrance Services (June 2012)
Topic: Care Management (January 2011)
Topic: Catholic Mass Open to Community (January 2009)
Topic: Enrollment Assistance (Updated March 2013)
Topic: Interpreter Services (May 2011)
Topic: Lifeline Services (January 2009)
Topic: Pastoral Care Programs (August 2009)
Topic: Post-Hospital Services for Individual Patients (Updated March 2013)
Topic: Residential Facilities for Patients and Families (August 2010)
Topic: Services for Low-Income Patients (Sept. 2015)
Topic: Support Group (April 2009)
Topic: Transportation (2007)
Topic: Transporting Breast Milk (June 2012)

Social and Environmental Improvement Activities

Topic: Community-wide Quality Improvement/Care Coordination Efforts (March 2013)
Topic: Educating Hospitals About Successful Environmental Practices (August 2009)
Topic: Food Policy/Leadership Councils (August 2013)
Topic: Hospital Departments
Topic: Sustainable Farming (March 2013)