Spirituality in the Workplace

Spirituality in the workplace is key for Catholic health care because of our core belief that the human person is body, mind and spirit. We recognize our associates are whole persons and in order for them to flourish, we must engage their hearts and spirit. Creating a workplace where spirituality is attended to helps our associates see they are engaged in a ministry of healing and not just work.

Spirituality in the workplace is shaped by the rich tradition of the healing ministry and the legacies entrusted to our care. By connecting colleagues to this tradition through values, rituals and storytelling, we enable them to touch their own inner spirit, recognize the sacred in themselves and others, and extend the healing ministry. Spirituality by nature is a two-fold process: the inward and the outward. For when each person is attentive to one's inner journey, there is a more natural expression of meaning and purpose in the service one offers.

Workplace spirituality in Catholic health care recognizes the need to maintain our Catholic identity and also celebrate the diversity of faith traditions our associates bring with them. It is not an “either/or” approach to prayer, reflection and ritual, but rather a “both/and” approach. Members have found when these differences are attended to ad celebrated, we can create resources that speak to all of our colleagues and unify us around our common mission and core values. For more information about workplace spirituality or to share resources with other CHA members, please contact Brian Smith.

Spirituality in the Midst of Change

In response to the rapid transformation occurring in healthcare, the Staff Support Sub-Committee of CHA’s Pastoral Care Advisory Committee has collected and developed resources to address the reality that time for prayer, reflection and ritual often occur “on the run” for our staff, especially those engaged in direct patient care.
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Spirituality in the Workplace Roundtable

In early February 2005, CHA convened 15 ministry colleagues who represent various disciplines in Catholic health care — including executive leadership, clinical applications, sponsorship, operations, pastoral care, mission leadership, theology, and medicine — to discuss spirituality in the workplace and share resources and practices.
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One of the outgrowths of the roundtable was the decision by the CHA Board of Trustees to establish the Pastoral Care Advisory Committee which was established in 2006.

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