Mission leaders promote ethical behavior throughout the organization with a focus on organizational ethics, clinical ethics and the Church’s social justice tradition.



  • Helps shape a work culture rooted in Gospel values
  • Informs and promotes dialogue around the Ethical And Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services
  • Facilitates corporate discernment and mission-based decision-making processes
  • Understands and applies values and principles to the business of health care — issues of management, finance, human resources and networking
  • Surfaces spoken and unspoken moral assumptions and habitual ways of acting within an organization
  • Makes moral mission-based assessments of conditions which impact the workplace and helps shape a just working environment


  • Understands and applies the social tradition of the Church to Catholic health care
  • Advocates for special care to and with people in poverty, the under-represented and/or those with special needs
  • Promotes right relationships throughout the organization and the community
  • Integrates environmental-ecological justice principles within the organization’s role as caregiver, employer, community member and partner 


  • Assists in interpreting the Ethical And Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services in relationship to clinical issues
  • Works with a variety of health care professionals in identifying values and principles that guide ethical decision making in clinical matters
  • Develops and monitors appropriate policies and their implementation