Mission leaders are able to articulate their lived faith experience and the meaning it brings to their lives as well as encourage and empower individuals and organizations to do the same.


  • Lives out a spirituality expressed through prayer and right relationships
  • Supports others in integrating human and spiritual development
  • Finds hope within life’s struggles and challenges
  • Provides needed resources based on diverse spiritual traditions and needs
  • Models ongoing spiritual development
  • Speaks with a prophetic and courageous voice 


  • Develops spirituality in work place practices based on the organization’s mission and core values
  • Knows the charism and spirituality of the sponsor organizations and integrates that legacy as appropriate through practice and celebration
  • Translates the sponsors’ heritage into today’s realities, challenges and possibilities
  • Facilitates adult spiritual formation 


  • Walks with people during challenging personal and organizational times of change
  • Fosters genuine hope in the midst of difficulties
  • Assists people to apply the mystery of Christ’s life, death and resurrection to their experience of change, as appropriate