The Mission Leader Competency Model

CHA is currently working to update the CHA Mission Leader Competency Model, of which the current iteration is shared below. The project timeline includes:

  • A series of online surveys – September 2019
  • Personal interviews conducted by The Reid Group with senior leaders – September and October
  • Draft of the updated competency model made available to system mission leaders – December
  • Competency model draft shared with other mission leaders and stakeholders – February-April 2020
  • Rollout of the new competency model – Summer 2020

This activity is the continuation of decades of work. Being conducted by The Reid Group of Seattle, Wash., who worked on the 2008 update and now again for the 2019 update, it will bring forth the challenges, needs and hopes of CEOs, sponsors, mission leaders and others for this ever-evolving role. Read more about the background here.

We want the revised competency model to reflect the realities of today while flexing forward in acknowledgement of the innovation needed in this role. If you have any particular thoughts on the process, or comments on the competencies and the role of a mission leader, please feel welcome let CHA know.

The Mission Leader Competency Model outlines personal qualifications and five competency areas that mission leaders in Catholic health care need to possess in order to successfully navigate in this important executive position. Based on the lived experiences of mission leaders and insights from their executive colleagues, trustees and sponsors, it highlights the unique skill set required of individuals charged with leading in the integration of Catholic identity into the operations of a health care ministry.

For additional information on The Leadership Competency Model and CHA’s mission integration activities, contact Brian Smith, CHA’s vice president, sponsorship and mission services.

Mission Leader Competency Model

The Mission Leader Competency Model is made up of personal qualifications and competencies. Click on each below to access the definition and expressions for each competency as well as a video where mission leaders highlight the competency in light of their day-to-day work:


Mission leaders are talented, faithful and competent executives who embody holistic and healthy qualities which enable them to make a positive and lasting impact on their organizations.


Mission leaders bring strategic direction, thinking and guidance as well as a collaborative spirit to the organization to ensure that it is faithful to its purpose, identity and values.


Mission leaders have a working knowledge of Catholic theology and are acquainted with the plurality of religions that will be encountered among the employees, physicians, trustees, patients and others who are served within our institutions.


Mission leaders are able to articulate their lived faith experience and the meaning it brings to their lives as well as encouraging and empowering individuals and organizations to do the same.


Mission leaders promote ethical behavior throughout the organization with a focus on organizational ethics, clinical ethics and the Church’s social justice tradition.


Mission leaders have the management competencies needed to be recognized as productive contributors to the organization. They understand the interrelationship of shared beliefs, behaviors and assumptions of the organization.

Mission Leader Competency Model

The model, including the background of the project, the competencies and resources to be used to develop each of the competencies, is provided in a booklet that is available electronically or hardcopy.
Download the electronic booklet 

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Self-Assessment Guide

The Self-Assessment Tool for the Mission Leader Competency Model includes a self rating for each competency, a description of evidence that supports the rating and the identification of specific steps to address areas for growth.

It is available as:
Editable Word document – so that someone can complete the assessment electronically
A downloadable PDF
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The bibliography for the Mission Leader Competency Model provides important articles and books for each of the mission leader competencies.  
Download a PDF of the bibliography
Order hardcopy in the CHA Store (free with free shipping)

Interested in a Career in Mission?

CHA has developed a brochure and video highlighting the role of the mission leader in Catholic health ministry.
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