Faithfully Forward - Succession Planning

FF_RGBWelcome to the website for CHA's initiative to assist its members in talent development and succession planning for the essential roles of mission, pastoral care and ethics: Faithfully Forward.

This webpage links you to resources and activity related to this initiative. Please visit often to access updates.


Faithfully Forward is a CHA initiative developed at the request of CHA members. Initially titled Project Legacy, its process for goal setting as well as the project scope and timeline has been shared with the ministry in several ways:

Mission and Ethics Careers Brochure

FaithfullyForward_MissionEthicsCareersBrochureThis brochure highlights the roles of mission leaders and ethicists in Catholic health care, fleshing out the education and competencies typically associated with both roles as well as explaining responsibilities and activities involved in the day-to-day work. Developed to help attract candidates to Catholic health care, it is offered in a ready-to-use format as well as customizable versions so that you can add a logo, or include some information about your organization on the back cover.
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Fellowships and Internships in Mission and Ethics: A Summary of Current Practices in Catholic Health Ministry

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Top Recommendations

The advisory committee, made up of CHA members, provided CHA staff with a plan to prioritize work. Top recommendations include:

Competency Development

  • Compliment core competencies for mission leaders, chaplains and ethicists with training in executive leadership, operational and strategic influence, culture building, change leadership and envisioning community health, population health and community relations in new and transformational ways.
  • Expand and deepen CHA's Mission Leader Competency Model and Ethicist Competency Model to include “stair stepped” competencies and career development that show a clear career path. In light of the changing landscape, understanding sponsorship models, canon law, ecclesial relations, principle of cooperation and value compatibility analysis will be necessary going forward.
  • Include personal formation and spiritual development as necessary components for leaders who hold these key positions.


  • Create a broad marketing strategy with academic institutions to educate young adult students about these critical roles.
  • Create a database where job openings across the ministry and resumes of interested candidates can be posted.
  • Encourage member systems to create internships, fellowships and entry-level positions.

FF_art_closeup-with-type_RGBCompensation and Career Path

  • Identify and develop mentors who can accompany new mission leaders, chaplains and ethicists during the first five years of their professional life.
  • Develop clear career paths and educate new leaders so they know overall professional competencies, role-specific competencies and the formational and spiritual development necessary to advance.
  • Align system goals, responsibilities and compensation for these roles in an equitable manner consistent with other leaders within the system.