How to Use Mission Leader Competencies

The Mission Leader Competencies and Self Assessment with Virtual Coach have many uses in the health care ministry, including: 

Clarify the mission role internally and externally

  • Review mission leader job descriptions for alignment with the competencies and the performance review process
  • Have conversations with organizational leadership to help them understand the comprehensive
    nature of the mission leader’s role in Catholic health care
  • Educate and orient new CEO’s and other leaders on the role and responsibilities of mission leaders
  • Use to understand the different roles, responsibilities and authority of the sponsors and bishops and then serve as a bridge or facilitator when there is role confusion
  • Use in the education of board members
  • Use as a recruitment and pre-screening tool for mission leader positions
  • Use to educate staff about the mission of the organization and the role of the mission leader
  • Use with community groups to promote a better understanding of the mission of Catholic health care

Enhance initial and ongoing development and formation of mission leaders

  • Use the Self-Assessment Tool for personal and professional development at
  • Based on the self-assessed tier ranking, review suggestions provided by the virtual coaching tool and determine which actions to follow
  • Balance the ministerial and theological aspects of mission leadership with the operational and strategic elements
  • Use as a guide in areas where there is opportunity for improvement as well as suggestions of what actions could be taken in terms of professional, educational and personal development
  • Create a developmental plan based on the competencies using the assessment tool, virtual coach recommendations and a mentor
  • Dialogue about the competencies with the executive team to promote increased collaboration and integration of the organization’s mission and values

Succession planning

  • Use the competencies as a conversation tool to assess interest in the position of mission leader
  • Invite potential mission leaders to utilize the self-assessment tool
  • Develop needed competencies based on the self-assessment and suggestions provided by the virtual coaching tool
  • Pursue an appropriate mentor based on the competency self-assessment and professional development suggestions
  • Use to assess current mission leaders for potential promotion to regional or system-level roles
  • Use with institutions of higher learning offering programs for mission leaders so courses and formation are aligned