Catholic health care is a valuable ministry of the Catholic Church — one that might not be obvious to those qualified for positions in mission, ethics and pastoral care. This page provides insights into the roles and available jobs in Mission, Ethics and Pastoral Care as part of Project Legacy.

NACC Job Listing

Recruitment Fact Sheet

CHA is working to help members recruit for positions in mission, ethics and pastoral care. Here’s a fact sheet that helps summarize why a career in health care might be right for you or someone you know!

Internship and Fellowship Summary

It’s hard to recruit people to jobs where there is not a path to build competency. CHA has synthesized CHA-member programming and experiences in offering internships and fellowships in mission and ethics.

Internship & Fellowship Development Summary
  • Job Description Samples
    • Mission and Ethics Fellow
    • Ethics Fellow Job Description Samples
    • Summer Ethics Intern
    • Pastoral Care
  • Evaluation Samples
  • Curriculum Plan Sample

Careers in Mission

CHA has multiple resources – booklet, video and more – showcasing aspects of a career in mission integration and the many roads into this career field.
Access the page

Careers in Ethics

CHA is working to increase awareness on the invaluable role of ethics in health care and the different pathways to a career in the field.
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Careers in Pastoral Care

CHA looks to partners to provide guidance around careers in pastoral care. Here are some useful sites:

Job Board

CHA is currently in the process of developing a data base, much like a job board, where job openings across the ministry and resumes of interested candidates can be posted — specifically for mission, ethics and spiritual care.

In the interim, here are some available resources:
  • Job Listing Email – CHA compiles and shares by email a listing of jobs in Mission, Ethics and Pastoral Care. If you are interested in receiving this email, please let us know.
  • Online Job Listing – CHA's current listing of open positions today – a ministry-wide, public site – which includes jobs spanning across Catholic health care.