Mission Leader Toolkit

Welcome to the Mission Leader Toolkit — a multimedia compendium of tools, supports and resources for mission leaders from across the continuum of care and at multiple career stages, upholding the unique skillset and daily requirements of the mission leader position.

If you have questions or something to add or amend, please contact Brian Smith, CHA senior director of mission innovation and integration, and/or Carrie Meyer McGrath, director of mission services.


The Mission Leader Competency Model, developed by CHA using input from ministry executives, sponsors, trustees and mission leaders, fleshes out the myriad of areas of competencies required for a high performing mission leader in today's complex health care setting. So that you can gauge areas of growth needed in each of the competencies, a self-assessment guide is available for your use.


Mission leaders are called upon to ensure the integration of the mission into every aspect of a health care organization — within acute, post-acute and long-term care settings, for associates, clinicians and volunteers in system offices, clinics, community programs and more. The mission leader ensures the identity of Catholic health care remains strong and vibrant within our ministries as we bring life to the reign of God in the world today. Hear from mission leaders — those newer and those with longer careers in mission — about the various "roles" of a mission leader in the videos that follow.


CHA has developed sample mission leader calendars to get a glimpse into a typical week/month of a mission leader in various roles. While not based on any one person, they are very indicative of the diversity in the work of mission leaders and the hours executives in Catholic health care keep.

CHA is sharing job position descriptions that provide samples of what the mission leader position includes in several settings that entry level, mid-level and senior executive positions in Catholic health ministry.


Mission leaders sitting at the executive table must be knowledgeable about the operations of health care. There are many resources available to assist you in staying abreast of changes in the business and ministry of health care. This page provides links to well-respected resources that your colleagues across the ministry access as well as others. 


Mission leaders are responsible for ethics within their organizations and for safeguarding Catholic identity in our ministry. The profound changes in health care, new business models, population health and delivery are transforming the face of health care in the U.S. and the Catholic health ministry. This page provides a place to start for mission leaders who are unfamiliar with the landscape of Catholic ethics. 

Mission leaders often help colleagues stay spiritually grounded, however, they also need to be cognizant of their own spiritual development. This section provides resources and insights for supporting the spirituality of the mission leader.


This page is specifically for those who are just starting their career in mission integration. It provides insights from seasoned leaders as well as many resources that we hope you will appreciate having at your fingertips.