Other Issues

In addition to our primary advocacy issues, CHA supports advocacy efforts around several other issues of importance to the Catholic health ministry and those we serve. These issues include environmental responsibility; non-health care related issues touching upon the lives of vulnerable populations, such as temporary federal assistance; and immigration.

CHA engages in advocacy efforts around these issues in partnership with other Catholic organizations and with groups designated as leaders on these topics. We do so in order to support and uphold our faith-based tradition, heeding the call to provide for those in need, to welcome the stranger in our midst, and to be faithful stewards of creation.

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118th Congress

117th Congress

116th Congress

112th Congress

08/15/12 CHA Letter on Safe Chemicals Act
07/24/12 Joint Letter Supporting Safe Chemicals Act
06/04/12 Joint Letter on UDI Provisions
05/17/12 Joint Letter to Senate on Mercury Standards
03/27/12 CHA Letter to House on FY13 Budget
08/04/11 Summary of the Budget Control Act of 2011
08/04/11 Joint Letter Supporting CHGME
05/31/11 CHA Letter to EPA on Mercury and Clean Air Regs
05/25/11 CHA Letter to Senate on FY2012 House Budget Resolution
04/06/11 CHA Letter on FY2012 Budget Resolution
02/15/11 CHA Letter to House on Budget Priorities
01/06/11 CHA Welcome Letter to Congress
01/06/11 CHA Summary of Final HIT Certification Rule

111th Congress

11/22/10 Joint Letter to CMS on Value-Based Purchasing
09/09/10 Revised Analysis of Final Meaningful Use Rule
07/07/10 Joint Letter on UDI System
07/02/10 Joint Letter to HHS on Hospital Visitation Rights
06/21/10 Joint Letter Supporting Berwick Nomination to CMS
05/03/10 HIT Coalition Letter
04/07/10 CHA Letter on Strengthening the Toxic Substance Control Act
03/15/10 CHA Comments on Meaningful Use of EHR Technology Regulation
01/11/10 Analysis of Interim HIT Final Rule
01/07/10 CHA Analysis of Proposed HIT Meaningful Use Rule
02/27/09 Joint Letter to FDA on Unique Device Identification System
02/26/09 Financial Summary of FY2010 Proposed Budget
02/10/09 Joint Statement on H.R. 1 SEC. 4405(d) and 4406(b) (Health Provider Fundraising Restrictions)
01/27/09 CHA Supports Economic Stimulus Package

110th Congress

12/22/08 CHA Supports the Retooling the Health Care Workforce for an Aging America Act
09/18/08 Joint Letter on Economic Crisis
09/18/08 Analysis of Ways and Means Committee Health IT Legislation
06/13/08 Joint Letter Supporting ADUFA Reauthorization
05/21/08 Joint Letter Supporting Ban on Physician Self-Referrals
03/26/08 Joint Letter Supporting Mandatory UDI System for Medical Devices
02/26/08 Joint Letter Supporting Health Equity and Accountability Act
02/14/08 Senate Dear Colleague Letter Opposing Budget Cuts
02/12/08 Joint Catholic Letter Opposing the Secure America through Verification and Enforcement (SAVE) Act
01/30/08 Joint Letter on Economic Stimulus
04/05/07 Analysis of Gutierrez-Flake Immigration Reform Legislation
03/30/07 Joint Letter on Nursing Workforce Program Funding
02/28/07 CHA Letter of Support for ICHIA
02/06/07 Highlights of the Administration's Budget Proposals for Fiscal Year 2008
01/05/07 Joint Letter Supporting Minimum Wage Increase

109th Congress

09/06/06 Older Americans Act (OAA) Reauthorization
07/14/06 Nursing Workforce Funding
05/05/06 National Children's Study
04/18/06 Geriatric Health Professions Program
04/12/06 Elderly Housing Coalition Policy Brief
04/03/06 CHA Letter to House on Discretionary Funding
03/30/06 Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act
03/14/06 Joint Letter Supporting the Interagency Council Act
03/09/06 CHA Letter on Immigration Reform
02/27/06 Joint Letter on 990T Certification
02/23/06 CHA Letter to Conferees on 990T Form Certification
02/06/06 Analysis of FY07 Budget Proposal
01/06/06 Identification of Medical Devices
12/23/05 Deficit Reduction Act of 2005
11/16/05 Support of Older Americans Act Funding
11/15/05 GSE Reform that Restricts Nonprofits
10/26/05 Action Alert for Affordable Housing Fund
10/18/05 Interfaith Statement on Immigration Reform
10/17/05 Support Immigration Reform
09/23/05 Letter to The Honorable Christoper H. Smith from HHS Secretary Michael Leavitt
07/26/05 Congressional Letter to Secretary Michael Leavitt
03/07/05 TANF Reauthorization
03/01/05 Job Training Improvement Act
02/08/05 Start Healthy, Stay Healthy

108th Congress

09/30/04 CARE Act
09/21/04 Sickle Cell Treatment Amendment
09/15/04 Health Care Equality and Accountability Act
09/15/04 Closing the Health Care Gap Act
08/09/04 Health Funds for Undocumented Immigrants
08/09/04 Comments on Undocumented Immigrant Health Funding
06/30/04 Finance Committee White Paper
06/29/04 CHA Comments on EPA Mercury Emissions Rule
05/07/04 Undocumented Alien Medical Assistance
03/30/04 Supporting Funds for Immigrants' Health Services
11/20/03 Medicare Drug and Reform Legislation
10/14/03 Medication Errors Reduction Act
06/01/02 Health Care Reform Recommendations