Advocacy and Medical- Nursing and Other Professional Staff

Members of the medical, nursing, and other professional staffs, like members of the governing body, are important partners in advocacy. They are respected health care leaders in the community and can influence community opinion.

Catholic health care facilities can involve members of the professional staffs by engaging them in an ongoing dialogue on health care policy issues.

Members of the medical, nursing, and professional staffs can be included in the facility's health care advocacy program by:

  • Conducting surveys among physicians and nurses and supervisors and other department heads on special relationships they may have with legislators or other policymakers
  • Holding educational programs and discussion groups on health care policy issues
  • Inviting physicians, nursing supervisors, and other professional leaders to be members of the advocacy steering committee
  • Including physicians, nursing supervisors, and other professionals in meetings with legislators
  • Asking them to be part of letter-writing or phone campaigns