Vision Statement



CHA's vision - We Will Empower Bold Change to Elevate Human FlourishingSM - complements our mission “to advance the Catholic health ministry of the United States in caring for people and communities.”

With our core values of respect, integrity, stewardship, and excellence, this vision reinforces our commitment to the belief that every person is a treasure, every life a sacred gift, every human being a unity of body, mind, and spirit.

Taken together, our mission, vision and values give us a clarity of purpose, priorities, and principles as we continue to advocate for health policy that leaves no one behind.

Why did the CHA board adopt a vision statement?
Over the past several years we have seen the impact that these challenging and changing times - particularly with COVID - have had on our members and Catholic health care in the U.S. The CHA board recognized that as we continue to serve in dynamic ways requires changes in the way we approach our work. As the board considered a refresh of CHA's FY 2021-23 strategic plan, it believed a new vision statement was necessary to guide CHA into the future and serve as a compass for a new FY 2024 -26 strategic plan.
What is the meaning behind the nine words? To better understand the context of the vision statement, it can be looked at in three distinct parts:


"We" calls us to explore and enter into new partnerships that can help us achieve our vision. While "we" makes up the collective members of CHA, it also invites others to join us - whether they be other ministries of the Catholic church or people of good will who are committed to advancing the common good.


True change requires bold action. To realize our vision, we can no longer accept the status quo or simply settle for incremental progress. We must work tirelessly to bring about systemic shifts that lead to a more equitable and just health care funding system that encourages innovation and ensures that health care is a human right for everyone, especially those who are low-income and vulnerable.


To truly elevate human flourishing, we must recognize that the health and well-being of each person depends on the health and well-being of everyone. Catholic social teaching tells us that human dignity and the common good are intertwined. As individuals living in community with one another, we are each a unity of body, mind and spirit.