Strengthening Medicare

Since 1965, Medicare has been highly successful in achieving affordable health coverage for hundreds of millions of elderly and disabled Americans. Today Medicare covers 50 million Americans, including 41 million individuals age 65 and older, and nine million younger adults with permanent disabilities. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, approximately half of Medicare beneficiaries have incomes below 200 percent of the federal poverty level.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) included Medicare payment and delivery system reforms, such as value based purchasing, excess readmission penalties, accountable care organizations, payment bundling, and medical homes, which will help to reduce costs and improve the quality of care Medicare patients receive. Implementing these changes will present both opportunities and challenges for the Catholic health ministry. For more information about CHA's position and activities on this issue, see the related documents under Medicare Communications and the policy brief Strengthening Medicare.

118th Congress

117th Congress

116th Congress

115th Congress

11/19/18  CHA Summary of Final Home Health Rule
11/16/18 CHA Summary of Final PFS-QPP Rule Part III
11/13/18  CHA Summary of Final 2019 Physician Fee Schedule Part I
11/13/18  CHA Summary of Final 2019 Physician Fee Schedule Part II 
11/12/18 CHA Summary of Final 2019 OPPS-ASC Rule
10/16/18  CHA Comments on Proposed ACO Rule
09/24/18 CHA Comments on Proposed FY19 OPPS
09/10/18 CHA Comments on Proposed 2019 Physician Fee Schedule 
08/23/18 CHA Summary of Proposed Medicare Shared Savings Program Rule
08/08/18 CHA Summary of Final FY19 Hospice Rule
08/08/18 CHA Summary of Final FY19 SNF PPS Rule
08/15/18 CHA Summary of Final FY19 IPPS-LTCH Rule
07/31/18 CHA Summary of Proposed CY19 OPPS
07/20/18  CHA Summary of Proposed Physician Fee Schedule
06/25/18  CHA Comment Letter on Proposed FY2019 IPPS
05/07/18  CHA Summary of Proposed FY19 IRF PPS 
05/01/18  CHA Summary of FY19 Proposed IPPS-LTCH Rule
01/17/18  CHA Joint Hospital Letter on CR to Congress
12/06/17  CHA Summary of EPM/CR Cancellation and CJR Changes Final Rule 
11/15/17 CHA Summary of Final Quality Payment Program Rule
11/09/17 CHA Summary of Final CY18 OPPS Rule
CHA Comments on FY18 Proposed OPPS
CHA Comments on 2018 Physician Fee Schedule
08/18/17  CHA Summary of EPM Cancellation and CJR Revision
08/11/17  CHA Summary of Final FY18 IPPS-LTCH Rule 
08/08/17 CHA Summary of FY2018 SNF PPS Final Rule
08/07/17 CHA Summary the FY 2018 Medicare final rule for Hospice Wage Index and Payment Rate Update and Hospice Quality Reporting Requirements
08/07/17 CHA Summary of the CY 2018 Medicare proposed rule for the Home Health Prospective Payment System Rate Update
08/03/17 CHA Summary of the Final Rule for FY 2018 Payment Under the Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility Prospective Payment System (IRF PPS)
CHA Summary of Proposed OPPS Rule
CHA Summary of Physician Fee Schedule Proposed Rule
06/29/17 CHA Summary of MACRA Rule
06/13/17  CHA Comments on Proposed FY18 IPPS and LTCH PPS 
04/26/17 CHA Summary of IPPS-LTCH Proposed Rule

114th Congress

12/29/16  CHA Comments on OPPS Rule 
11/14/16  CHA Summary of 2017 Home Health Final Rule
11/09/16 CHA Summary of Final OPPS Rule
11/08/16 CHA Summary of Final Physician Fee Schedule
10/24/16  CHA Supports Helping Hospitals Improve Patient Care Act 
10/03/16 CHA Comments on Proposed Cardiac-CJR Bundling Rule
09/20/16 CHA Summary of Emergency Preparedness Final Rule
09/06/16 CHA-PQLC Comments on Proposed Changes to Hospital VBP Program
09/06/16 CHA Comments on Proposed 2017 OPPS Rule
CHA Summary of Final FY2017 IPPS/LTCH Rule 
CHA Summary of FY2017 SNF PPS Rule
CHA Summary of Proposed Cardiac Care Coordination Rule
08/01/16 CHA Summary of FY2017 Hospice Final Rule
07/14/16 CHA Summary of 2017 Proposed Physician Fee Schedule
07/14/16 CHA Summary of CY2017 Proposed OPPS and ASC Rule
06/17/16 CHA Comments on FY2017 IPPS Rule
06/16/16 CHA Summary of Proposed Conditions of Participation Rule for Hospitals and CAHs
06/14/16 CHA Summary of Final Medicare Shared Savings Program Rule
05/02/16 CHA Summary of FY2017 SNF PPS
04/28/16 CHA Summary of IRF PPS Rule
04/26/16 CHA Summary of IPPS/LTCH Proposed Rule
03/14/16 CHA Summary of Proposed Part B Drug Payment Model
02/09/16 CHA Summary of MSSP Proposed Benchmarking Rule
12/01/15 CHA Summary of Final Joint Replacement Rule
11/19/15 Summary of Proposed Discharge Planning Requirements
CHA Summary of 2016 Medicare OPPS 
11/13/15  CHA Summary of CY2016 Home Health PPS 
CHA Summary of 2016 Physician Fee Schedule 
CHA Comments on Medicare 2016 Physician Fee Schedule
09/08/15 CHA Comments on Medicare Joint Replacement Payment Model
08/12/15 CHA Summary of Final FY2016 Hospice Rule
08/01/15 CHA Summary of Final FY2016 IPPS Rule
07/16/15 Summary of CY2016 Home Health PPS
06/16/15  CHA Comments on Proposed Medicare IPPS Rule 
Joint Letter on Meaningful Use Rule
04/29/15 CHA Summary of Proposed FY2016 Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility PPS
04/28/15 CHA Summary of Proposed FY2016 IPPS
04/02/15 Joint Letter Opposing Medicare Sequestration Offset
03/26/15 CHA Summary of Doc Fix/CHIP Legislation
03/25/15 Joint Letter on Medicare SGR Fix/CHIP Bill
03/25/15 CHA Supports Medicare SGR Fix/CHIP Legislation
02/06/15 Comments on Palliative Care in Medicare ACOs
02/06/15 Comments on Proposed Medicare Shared Savings Program Rule
02/05/15 Joint Letter Opposing Hospital Cuts for SGR Fix

113th Congress

12/08/14 Summary of Proposed ACO Rule
11/20/14 CHA Summary of 2015 Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule
11/10/14 CHA Summary of Final 2015 OPPS/ASC Rule
09/15/14 Joint Letter to HHS on EHR Incentive Program
09/03/14  CHA Summary of Final Rule on Electronic Health Records Incentive Programs
09/02/14 CHA Comments on Proposed 2015 OPPS
Summary of CY2015 Proposed Home Health Rule
Summary of Proposed CY2015 Physician Fee Schedule
07/14/14 Summary of Proposed FY2015 OPPS Rule
06/30/14 CHA Comments on FY2015 IPPS
05/14/14 Summary of Proposed Hospice Wage Index and Medicare Payment Rule
05/14/14 Summary of Proposed IPPS Rule
05/08/14 Summary FY 2015 IRF PPS Proposed Rule
05/08/14 Summary Medicare Proposed Rules for SNF PPS and Consolidated Billing for FY 2015
04/21/14 CHA Joint Coalition Support Ltr for HR 1179  S 569 - Medicare Observation Stays and SNF Care
04/03/14 Summary of SGR Patch Legislation
03/18/14 CHA Supports S. 2110 Doc Fix Bill
02/21/14 Joint Letter on Electronic Health Records
02/12/14 Joint Letter to Senate on Proposed Medicare Cuts
02/10/14 Joint Letter Opposing Medicare Cuts for Debt Legislation
01/08/13 CHA Summary of Emergency Preparedness Rule
12/18/13 CHA Summary of Final 2014 OPPS Rule
10/28/13 Joint Letter on Hospital Funding
10/10/13 Letter of Support for Senate DSH Reduction Act
09/06/13 CHA Comments on Proposed OPPS Rule
08/14/13 CHA Summary of Medicare IPPS Final FY 2014 Rule
07/17/13 CHA Summary of Medicare OPPS Rule
07/17/13 CHA Summary of Final Medicaid Eligibility Rule
07/15/13 CHA Summary of Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Rule
07/02/13 CHA Summary of Home Health PPS Rule
06/27/13 Joint Hospital Letter Supporting H.R. 1920
06/25/13 CHA Comments on Proposed FY2014 IPPS Rule
05/17/13 CHA Supports DSH Reduction Relief Act
05/08/13 Summary of Proposed FY14 SNF PPS
05/08/13 Summary of Proposed FY14 Hospice Payment System Rule
05/07/13 Summary of IPPS Rule
03/29/13 Support for the Improving Access to Medicare Coverage Act

112th Congress

11/19/12 Summary of Final CY2013 OPPS Rule
09/12/12 Joint Letter on E&M Services Cap
08/13/12 Summary of Final FY2013 IPPS Rule
08/04/12 Summary of Final FY12 SNF PPS Rule
07/17/12 Summary of Home Health PPS
07/17/12 Summary of CY2013 ESRD PPS
06/27/12 CHA Comments on FY2013 IPPS
05/16/12 Summary of Regulatory Burden Reduction
05/08/12 Summary of Proposed FY2013 IPPS Rule
02/01/12 Joint Letter on Doc Fix Provisions
12/13/11 Joint Letter Opposing Middle Class Tax Relief Act
12/06/11 Joint Letter on Medicare Physician Payments
11/29/11 Summary of Hospital VBP Rules
11/17/11 CHA Summary of Final OPPS Rule
11/14/11 Joint Letter to Deficit Committee on Dual Eligibles
10/27/11 Summary of Final ACO Regulations
10/19/11 Summary of CMS Regulatory Reform
10/06/11 Joint Letter to Super Committee on Medicare Bad Debt
10/03/11 Joint Letter to Deficit Committee on GME Funding
07/14/11 Summary of Proposed CY2012 OPPS
07/13/11 Summary of CY2012 Physician Fee Schedule
07/11/11 CHA Summary of VBP Rule with July 1 Correction
06/27/11 CHA Letter to Congress on Deficit Reduction
06/21/11 CHA Comments on IPPS NPRM
05/11/11 Summary of FY2012 SNF PPS
05/11/11 Summary of Flu Vaccination NPRM
05/06/11 Summary of RY2012 IPF PPS
05/04/11 CHA Summary of Final VBP Rule
04/28/11 Summary of FY2012 IRF PPS
04/27/11 CHA Summary of Proposed FY2012 IPPS
04/20/11 Overview of Recent ACO Proposals
04/08/11 Summary of Proposed ACO Regulation
04/06/11 CHA Letter on FY2012 Budget Resolution
03/09/11 CHA Comments on VBP Rule
03/03/11 Joint Letter on Children’s Hospitals GME
02/02/11 CHA Summary of Quality Improvement Organization Contact Information Rule
01/31/11 CHA Summary of Enrollment Screening Requirements Rule
01/19/11 Analysis of VBP Rule

110th Congress

11/18/08 Summary of OPPS Rule
11/18/08 Summary of ASC Final Rule
09/02/08 CHA Comments on Proposed Changes to Medicare OPPS
08/08/08 Summary of Final FY09 IFR PPS Rule
08/07/08 Summary of FY09 Final Rule for Medicare SNF PPS
07/11/08 Summary of Proposed Rule for Medicare OPPS
07/10/08 Summary of the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act
06/13/08 CHA Final Comments on Proposed Changes to Medicare IPPS
06/05/08 CHA Letter to Senate Finance Committee Supporting Low-Income Assistance Programs
05/09/08 CHA Analysis of Final Rule for Rate Year 09 LTCH PPS
05/01/08 CHA Analysis of Proposed Changes to the IRF-PPS
04/23/08 CHA Summary of Proposed Medicare IPPS Rule
02/14/08 Senate Dear Colleague Letter Opposing Budget Cuts
02/13/08 Analysis of the Administration's FY09 Budget Proposal
02/08/08 Neal-English Dear Colleague Letter Opposing Medicare and Medicaid Cuts
02/01/08 Summary of LTCH PPS Proposed Rule for Rate Year 2009
12/20/07 Summary of Medicare Medicaid and SCHIP Extension Act
11/27/07 CHA Letter Supporting the Medicare Long-Term Care Hospital Patient Safety and Improvement Act
11/14/07 Joint Letter to Senate Finance Committee on Medicare Nursing Home Staffing and Payments
11/13/07 Summary of the Medicare OPPS Final Rule for CY2008
09/14/07 CHA Comments on Changes to the Medicare OPPS
09/06/07 Draft Comments on Proposed Changes to the Medicare Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment System
09/01/07 Analysis of Final Rule for CY 2008 Changes to the Medicare Home Health Prospective Payment System
08/10/07 Summary of Final FY08 Medicare IPPS Rule
08/02/07 Summary of Final and Proposed Ambulatory Surgical Center Rules
07/27/07 Summary of Proposed Medicare OPPS Rule
07/12/07 Summary of Proposed Revisions to Medicare Payment Policies under the Physcian Fee Schedule
06/11/07 Final CHA Comments on Proposed FY08 IPPS Rule
06/05/07 CHA Draft Comments on the Proposed Changes to FY08 Medicare IPPS
05/22/07 Joint Letter Urging Improved Access to Prescription Drugs for Low-Income Beneficiaries
05/17/07 Summary of FY08 Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility PPS Proposed Rule
05/17/07 Analysis of Medicare Long-term Care Hospital PPS Final Rule
04/26/07 Analysis of Proposed Changes to the Medicare Inpatient Prospective Payment System
03/14/07 Analysis of 75 Percent Rule Legislation

109th Congress

12/08/06 Summary of Final Medicare Outpatient Prospective Payment System Rule
11/06/06 Letter from the Leadership Council of Aging Organizations Urging Improvements to the Medicare Prescription Drug Program
10/09/06 CHA Comments to CMS on Reporting Hospital Quality Data Update
10/06/06 CHA OPPS Rule Comments
08/15/06 Summary of Proposed Rules - Medicare Hospital OPPS for CY 2007 and Ambulatory Service Centers for CY 2008
08/07/06 Summary of Medicare Hospital Inpatient Operating and Capital Payment Fiscal Year 2007 Final Rule
06/24/06 Joint Letter to Congress Regarding Medicare Outpatient Therapy Caps
06/02/06 CHA IPPS Comments
05/18/06 Grassley-Part D
05/12/06 Joint Letter to the Leadership Council of Aging Organizations Regarding Medicare Part D Enrollment
04/25/06 Summary of Proposed IPPS Rule
03/31/06 Part D Transition Appeals
03/31/06 Part D Fact Sheet
03/28/06 Joint Letter on Medicare Part D Transition Extension
03/20/06 CHA Comments on Proposed Rule Change for LTCH
12/23/05 Deficit Reduction Act of 2005
12/12/05 Joint Letter on Therapy Cap Moratorium Extension
12/12/05 Comments on Stark Exceptions
12/12/05 Comments on Electronic Prescribing Arrangements
11/02/05 Letter - Budget Reconciliation
10/13/05 Joint Letter Supporting Legislation to Remove the Exclusion of Benzodiazepines from Coverage under the Medicare Drug Benefit
09/19/05 CHA Endorses Reauthorization of QI-1 Program
09/09/05 Comments on Proposed OPPS Rule
09/07/05 CHA Comments on Changes to Hospital OPPS
08/19/05 Summary of 1011 Medicare Modernization Act of 2003
08/09/05 Summary SNF PPS Final Regulation
06/21/05 CHA Comments on FY2006 IPPS Rule
06/20/05 CHA Endorses Preserving Patient Access to Inpatient Rehabilitation Care Legislation
05/16/05 Support Diabetic Retinopathy Act of 2005
02/09/05 Analysis of Medicare Drug Benefit on Nursing Facilities