Accessible and Affordable Health Care for Everyone

As a matter of human dignity, everyone is entitled to health care. Like any basic element of life, health care sustains us and should always be accessible and affordable for everyone — where they need it, when they need it, no exceptions and no interruptions.

The consequences of being uninsured are significant. Because uninsured patients do not receive the right care in the right place, they are up to four times as likely as insured patients to require avoidable hospitalizations and emergency care. For more information about CHA's position and activities on this issue, see Accessible and Affordable Health Care for Everyone.

» CHA's Vision for U.S. Health Care

118th Congress

117th Congress

116th Congress

111th Congress

12/03/10 CHA Letter to CMS on ACOs
06/09/10 Joint Letter on Pregnancy Assistance Fund in PPACA
03/11/10 CHA Letter Urging Passage of Health Care Reform
01/28/10 CHA Letter to House and Senate Urging Continued Efforts on Health Reform
01/15/10 CHA Letter to Congress On Final Reform Legislation
01/14/10 Joint Letter on UDI Regulations
01/12/10 Joint Letter Urging Congress to Increase Medicaid Reimbursement in Reform Legislation
12/11/09 CHA Supports Amendment 2991 to Waive Waiting Period for Legal Immigrants
12/08/09 CHA Letter on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
11/09/09 CRS Analysis of Medicare Provisions in HR 3962
11/07/09 CHA Letter Supporting HR 3962
09/09/09 Joint Letter Supporting Health Coverage for Immigrants
08/10/09 Common Questions and Answers Regarding Health Reform
07/30/09 CHA Letter Urging House to Continue Reform Efforts
06/05/09 CHA Urges Congress to Continue Health Reform Efforts
05/27/09 CHA Comments on Senate Finance Committee Financing Health Reform (Third)
05/22/09 CHA Comments on Senate Finance Committee Expanding Coverage (Second) Paper
05/20/09 CHA Comments on Senate Finance Committee Delivery System Reform (First) Paper
04/24/09 April 2009 Principles for Health Reform and Language Access
04/15/09 Joint Letter to HELP Committee on Health Disparities
03/30/09 Health Reform Dialogue -Common Ground- Statement
02/26/09 Financial Summary of FY2010 Proposed Budget
02/06/09 Joint Letter to President Obama on Health Reform

110th Congress

02/28/08 CHA Supports Patients and Public Health Partnership Act
02/26/08 Joint Letter Supporting Health Equity and Accountability Act
02/11/08 CHA Supports Michelle's Law
12/10/07 Joint Letter Supporting Strong Mental Health Parity Legislation
11/14/07 CHA Supports Integrated Health Systems Demonstration Project
04/25/07 CHA Testimony on the Uninsured for the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health Hearing

109th Congress

06/07/06 CHA Letter FQHC Look Alike Program
05/09/06 CHA Letter on Enzi Bill
01/25/06 Letter to President Re - Health Care Reform
11/17/05 Supporting Health Coverage for All Children
08/05/05 CHA Endorses Kids Come First Act
02/08/05 CHA Endorses Start Healthy, Stay Healthy Act

108th Congress

03/22/04 Testimony to Ways and Means