Medicaid Expansion Resources

The enactment of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) marked a significant step towards providing those currently uninsured with access to health care. However, the Supreme Court decision making Medicaid expansion optional for states continues to jeopardize that goal. Eleven states have refused to expand their state Medicaid programs, which leaves in doubt whether many of those earning under 138 percent of the federal poverty level will be able to take advantage of the new reform law. Medicaid expansion is an essential component in ensuring that millions of low-income uninsured get access to the care they need, and it is crucial for the Catholic health ministry to advocate this on their behalf. Click below to read more about the importance of the Medicaid expansion and CHA's position on this issue. And please take advantage of the many resources on this page, including state-specific reports and statistics, to urge officials in the nineteen non-expansion states to expand Medicaid and extend access to health care for the most vulnerable.

CHA's Position on Medicaid Expansion October 2017


Talking Points and Statistics Supporting Medicaid Expansion

State Reports: The Economic Impact of Medicaid Expansion