Competency Model Definitions

Spiritual Grounding
This is an ability to reflect and call on the spiritual resources of the Catholic health care tradition, one's own personal faith, and the faith of one's co-workers. These personal and collective spiritual resources supply the deep grounding, motivation, and resolve that are necessary to carry out the ministry. They also provide the larger context of meaning for the day-in, day-out work of health care. The most effective Catholic health care leaders have an inner spiritual life that translates into external action.

This is the courage to act on one's values and to take risks consistent with one's values. This includes the struggles and challenges that inner spiritual life undergoes as it seeks to express itself in action. Integrity moves from action to reflection and back again to action. What is being done is always considered in the light of what one most deeply holds dear. Integrity becomes the personal basis for integrating the values and mission of Catholic health care with the business realities of the marketplace.

Integration of Ministry Values
This is commitment to incorporating Catholicism's mission, traditions, and values (in particular, the church's social teachings) into organizational decisions and behaviors. This leads to an interpretation of the current experience of the organization in the light of its Catholic identity.

Care for Poor and Vulnerable Persons
This is an underlying concern for justice and fairness in societal relations, which is expressed within the leadership role by taking initiative to serve the needs of the disadvantaged. This concern includes both attention to the individual person and systemic transformation of organizations and society.

Information Seeking
This is a focus on current objective realities and on using an understanding of these realities to make decisions for the organization. Demonstrated by obtaining realistic, in-depth information.

Performance Excellence
This is a personal drive to measure and improve performance, focusing the leader's attention on working with the realities of a ministry that is also a business.

Change Leadership
This is the ability to lead a group, focusing and energizing its members to work together for change. This includes articulating an inspiring vision, managing resistance, and persevering to carry it through to completion.

Shaping the Organization
This is the ability to build or adapt organizational structures to accomplish a mission and to improve performance, including reorganizing people and organizational systems, processes, procedures, communication, and reporting relationships.