Catholic Traditions and Teachings

Understanding and application of the tradition and teachings of the Catholic Church with regard to health care occurs through learning, which builds knowledge of these topics:

Christian Anthropology
The Christian vision of the human person created in God's image; a unity of body, mind, and spirit; possessing inalienable, intrinsic worth; and flourishing in community

The life of the church; the place of the health ministry within the church; the ministry's relationships with the church; and the meaning of "ministry"

Ethical reflection, decision making, and action; organizational ethical issues; and clinical ethical issues

The meaning of baptism; the universal call to holiness; the role of the laity

Jesus' mission of healing; and the Christian approach to the mystery of suffering

The meaning of prayer; personal, spiritual disciplines; leading the organization community in prayer and rituals

How service in health care reveals God's healing presence

Servant Leadership
Examining and assimilating leadership behaviors modeled after Jesus

Social Teaching
The special attention paid to persons who are poor, vulnerable, and marginalized; the pursuit of workplace dignity and justice; and the commitment to promote the common good

Spirituality of the individual and of the organization; nurturing workplace spirituality

Examining the distinction between ownership and stewardship, and consequent responsibilities regarding the use of all resources

The meaning of call and vocation; discernment and articulation of one's own call