Competency Assessment

Competency Assessment as Part of Development

How can a leader assess his or her competencies?
Through an assessment tool designed and administered for CHA by Strategic Programs, Inc., Denver, current and emerging leaders in the Catholic health ministry can measure their demonstrations of the eight Mission-Centered Leadership Competencies.

This internet-based tool provides for both self-evaluation and assessment by a leader's peers, associates, direct reports, supervisors, and others, thereby giving a 360-degree view of how the leader is perceived. And because data collection is administered by Strategic Programs, Inc., an independent third-party consultant, leaders can be assured of confidentiality in the entire process from gathering assessments through the delivery of feedback reports.

But assessment of leadership competencies is only the first step. This competency assessment delivers a strong foundation for a leader's ongoing development. An organization's leadership team can use this tool as part of a comprehensive leadership development program to accelerate organizational progress toward achieving mission fulfillment as well as specific strategic goals.

Strategic Programs, Inc., has been providing organizational development and training services to both public and private sectors since 1988. The firm was the first in the country to develop and offer computer-based individual and organizational assessments. Also, the firm has extensive experience providing service and consultation to Catholic health care organizations.