Foundations of Catholic Health Care Leadership

Now Available Live and On-Demand 

Leaders in Catholic health care have come to recognize the crucial importance of formation in ensuring the Catholic identity of our ministries. In response to member needs, CHA is pleased to introduce Foundations On-Demand as a sister program to Foundations Live.

Registration is now open for both programs. You are encouraged to partake in the Foundations of Catholic Health Care Leadership program that best meets your needs – Live or On-Demand!

Foundations Live

Foundations of Catholic Health Care Leadership is always available On-Demand and is offered as an interactive 8-week (virtual) session beginning in January of each year.

Save the dates for Foundations Live 2024
Orientation - Jan 30 2024
Session 1 - Feb 1, 2024
Session 2 - Feb 8, 2024
Session 3 - Feb 15, 2024
Session 4 - Feb 22, 2024
Session 5 - Feb 29, 2024
Session 6 - March 7, 2024
Session 7 - March 14, 2024
Session 8 - March 21, 2024

Foundations On-Demand

Always Available
Foundations On-Demand is ideal for new leaders who miss scheduled formation opportunities locally or with CHA. The program is also for those who have difficulty getting away from their work to attend a scheduled program.

Dialogue Partner
A local dialogue partner supports On-Demand participants as they work the program at their own pace.
Program Information