Catholic Social Tradition Module

About CHA's Leadership Formation Module on Catholic Social Tradition

Catholic Social Tradition CD insert 2014This multimedia formation module provides all of the tools necessary to provide education on the elements of the Catholic social justice tradition. It is intended to help leaders in the health ministry integrate the principles of Catholic social teaching, thought and practice into their day-to-day decisions and actions, thereby sustaining and expanding the integrity of their ministries as extensions of the church and Jesus' healing mission.

Originally distributed in 2006, this resource was updated in 2011 and 2013. This 2014 edition includes Pope Francis in both the reading materials and the video, "Let Justice Flourish."

The 2006 publication was a project of CHA's Ministry Leadership Development Committee, with principal development by Michael J. Naughton, Ph.D., of the University of St. Thomas, and William Brinkmann of Ascension Health. The 2011 update of their work was largely the undertaking of Fr. Fred Kammer, SJ, JD, who is a member and past provincial superior of the Southern Province of the Jesuits. He previously served as president/CEO of Catholic Charities USA, and policy advisor for Health and Welfare Issues, Department of Social Development and World Peace, for the U.S. Catholic Conference.

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Who can benefit from this resource?

The Catholic Social Tradition tool is designed for use in formation for:

  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Clinical and nonclinical associates
  • Board members
  • Trustees
  • Congregational members

What does the 2014 version of the module include?

The 2014 edition has numerous update that highlight Pope Francis' words and actions. From quotes to video footage and more, this newest edition of the Catholic Social Tradition module includes:

  • Updated Facilitator's Guide
  • Updated Facilitator Preparation Materials
  • Updated Participant Pre-reading Materials
  • Updated Participant Handouts
  • Updated PowerPoints (with speaker notes and embedded videos) for Lessons I, II and III
  • Newly-Updated Video "Let Justice Flourish"
  • Case Studies

More about the video: "Let Justice Flourish"

History of Let Justice Flourish
This video has been updated to not only include Pope Francis, but also, offer a refreshed look from both the 2011 and 2006 versions. This video was included in the 2006 Catholic Social Tradition module as an eight-minute resource, but originally was offered at the 1999 Catholic Health Assembly as four separate parts shown over the course of the conference. CHA, on the recommendation of numerous leaders across the ministry, added back an opening section that links Catholic Social Tradition to the Hebrew prophets in the 2011 version.

More about the art

The art created for this module is of Christ rejecting injustice with one hand and extending forgiveness with the other. This image comes from the Wales Window for Alabama, which was created by artist John Petts as a gift for the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Ala., after the 1963 bombing in which four young girls were killed. The window contains the message, "You Do It To Me." The photograph of the window used by CHA was provided by Ron Roberson with permission.

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Have additional comments or successful practices for using this module?

This module is intended to be an evolving resource. So that we can be sure it meets the needs of our members, as well as share updates or other important information as needed, please be sure to continue to visit this page dedicated to this module. Also, please contact CHA with any questions, successful uses or suggestions for future enhancements.

Technical Notes/Additional Information of Using this Formation Module

A Note on the Videos:
"Let Justice Flourish" is provided in two formats: a full-length, 20-minute feature, or in three segments that break up the 20 minutes.

In the PowerPoint for Lesson One, the video, "Let Justice Flourish," is broken up so that it can be viewed in three segments along with facilitator-led discussion points for each segment. Simply play the PowerPoint in slideshow mode and the embedded videos will start automatically when you advance to the slides with the videos. The same video (not linked to PowerPoint slides, but included under Lesson One resources on the CD) is also provided in stand-alone format for use in meetings and other venues.

In Lesson Two, three videos are linked to the PowerPoint to serve as "chapters" in a case study. These case study videos are not designed to stand alone as teaching or formation tools. Simply play the PowerPoint in slideshow mode and when you advance to the slides containing the videos, they will start automatically.

It is important to remember that if you download the PowerPoint to another medium (desktop, laptop, DVD or flash drive) that you must also download the video files so that the link between the PowerPoints and the videos will be maintained. If you do not download both, the videos will not run when you click on the slides with the black boxes/embedded videos.

Time to Deliver the Content:
Each of the three lessons will take 45 to 75 minutes to deliver, depending on the amount of time allowed for discussion.

When You Insert the CD:

Once you place the disc into your computer, this small box should pop up on your screen:

Facilitator-Guide Auto Play Window

Please click on "Run catholic_social_tradition.exe" in order to access the main menu for the disc.

Once you click on catholic_social_tradition.exe, this menu should appear:

CST2014 ed Facilitator Guide Menu

If this is not what you see, please contact your IT department for assistance or try and use these tips:

PC and Mac: If nothing happens when you insert the CD into your machine, click the index.html file or open the documents folder to access the facilitator guide and all lesson documents.