Ministry Formation Overview

All of us are hungry for meaning. Formation invites each of us to explore the ways the meaning of our work on a deeper level. Join the journey to Emmaus and reflect on your own deep purpose.

On-Demand Foundations of Catholic Health Care Leadership

CHA’s new On-Demand Foundations of Catholic Health Care Leadership is always available for new and current leaders in Catholic health care. This program provides executives, board members, directors, managers, clinicians and other leaders in Catholic health care with a foundation in core theological and ethical principles that are at the heart of the Catholic health ministry. Considered an essential primer for new and current leaders in Catholic health care, the program deepens understanding of the pivotal role leaders play in carrying out the healing mission of Catholic health care in serving the needs of patients, families, communities and the common good.
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In combination with CHA’s and member formation programs, this comprehensive Framework for Ministry Formation will help guide this discipline "for the signs of the times."


Ministry Formation Resources Videos and Website

In addition to our shared definition of formation, the NEW MINISTRY FORMATION WEBSITE contains the formation pedagogy and process, along with six critical foundational elements of Vocation, Tradition, Spirituality, Catholic Social Teaching, Ethics and Discernment. This includes resources for each foundational elements tailored for persons at all levels of the organization, including front-line associate, manager/supervisor, clinician and director/executive. 

"Leaders in Catholic health care recognize the crucial importance of formation in ensuring the Catholic identity of our ministries. In response to member needs, CHA has created the Framework for Ministry Formation to help ground and guide this work for sponsors, boards, senior leaders, and all those who work in our ministries."

President and Chief Executive Officer, Catholic Health Association of the United States