On-Demand Foundations

On-Demand Foundations of Catholic Health Care Leadership

CHA's new On-Demand Foundations of Catholic Health Care Leadership is always available for new and current leaders in Catholic health care. This program provides executives, board members, directors, managers, clinicians and other leaders in Catholic health care with a foundation in core theological and ethical principles that are at the heart of the Catholic health ministry. Considered an essential primer for new and current leaders in Catholic health care, the program deepens understanding of the pivotal role leaders play in carrying out the healing mission of Catholic health care in serving the needs of patients, families, communities and the common good.

Engaging Experience
Supported by a local dialogue partner, participants work the program at their own pace integrating new content, engaging reflective questions and building new leadership practices for their roles across the ministry. Each session focuses on a key principle of Catholic health care leadership to give participants an in-depth understanding of core principles of Catholic health care. The comprehensive curriculum encompasses leadership, formation, spirituality and whole person care, Catholic social tradition, theology, mission, ethics and the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services, sponsorship, community benefit, global health, advocacy, and discernment in decision making.

The course is organized into 11 modules, with an introductory overview and conclusion specific to on-going formation. Each module follows a similar structure beginning with an overview and reflection, and then a combination of specifically created feature presentation videos from seasoned experts, combined with relevant articles, culminating in a final assignment which each participant completes. The program is sequential, and you are required to complete each segment before moving to the next one. You are encouraged to take notes in your journal as you move through the sections, to deepen your learning and to help you complete the final assignment. Once completed this work will be received by your designated local dialogue partner and they will be in communication with you.

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