Ministry Formation Overview

In the rapidly changing environment of Catholic health care, ministry formation has taken on a new level of importance for the continuity of the ministry. Due to its critical significance and expanding role in our ministries, CHA has created the Framework for Ministry Formation to help ground and guide this work for sponsors, boards, senior leaders, and all those who work in our ministries.

This initiative builds on CHA’s long-standing commitment to provide resources, programming and education to support the formation of senior leaders in Catholic health care. The Framework for Senior Leadership Formation, served for many years as a key guidepost and resource for leadership formation.

In combination with CHA’s and member formation programs, this new comprehensive Framework for Ministry Formation will help guide this discipline “for the signs of the times.”
"Leaders in Catholic health care have come to recognize the crucial importance of formation in ensuring the Catholic identity of our ministries. In response to member needs, CHA is committed to expanding opportunities for ministry formation and serving as a catalyst to strengthen the Catholic identity of CHA member organizations in carrying out the healing mission of the Catholic Church in the world today."

President and Chief Executive Officer
Catholic Health Association of the United States

Leadership Formation Resources

Our Catholic health ministry depends on leaders who can create and steward organizational cultures that incarnate Jesus' healing. These are leaders who hear and respond to a call to service — a call that comes from God and from the communities in which these leaders live and flourish. For nearly a quarter-century, CHA has supported the development and formation of leaders through providing forums for professional development and formation.
Leadership Formation Resources