As we cannot give what we do not have, Associate health, spirituality and security are critical to providing compassionate care. During COVID-19 and the "new normal" that will exist thereafter, self-care – Body, Mind and Spirit – is essential whether in direct patient or resident care, in administration or someone whose work process has been abruptly changed.

This page brings together a carefully reviewed collection of wellness resources identified in collaboration with CHA-member mission and spiritual care leaders as well as insights from the Veteran's Administration and physician and clinician well-being experts to create a robust curated site for Catholic health care. If you have additional successful practices and insights, articles or more resources to share, please contact Dennis Gonzales, Ph.D., senior director, Mission Integration and Innovation or Carrie Meyer McGrath, M.Div., MAS, director, Mission Services.

Podcast - COVID-19: Caring for the Caregivers

Successful Practices – Body, Mind and Spirit Supports

Whole person care isn't just for patients and loved ones. The successful practices below are being put in place across systems to support the physical health, safety and well-being of all health care associates.

Member Resources

CHA is collating member practices for associate well-being. A work-in-progress, we will continue to add items as they are shared.

Our Well-Being: A Webinar Series Sharing Wellness Resources

This four-part webinar series shared CHA member practices and additional trusted wellness resources, practices and programs to help all involved in Catholic health care identify and address their immediate needs, as well as the post-COVID reality.
View the program information and webinar recordings
Find resources from CredibleMind at https://pro.crediblemind.com/