Well-being – Body, Mind and Spirit – is essential for every person working in health care regardless of their role. This page brings together a carefully curated collection of wellness resources identified in collaboration with CHA-member mission, spiritual care and physician leaders in addition to insights from the Veteran's Administration and national well-being experts. If you have additional successful practices and insights, articles or other resources to share, please contact Dennis Gonzales, Ph.D., senior director, Mission Integration and Innovation.


Join Us in the Practices of ReNew Year

What we do with the hours we have been given – how we think and make meaning, with whom we connect, and where we engage – all add up to what we call our life. When we intentionally seek a flourishing life, we can be a spring of life for others.

Together, let us live well the lives we have been given!
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Well-Being Webinar Recording

On Oct. 13, 2022, CHA held a webinar titled "Well Being: Let's Practice and Just Stop Just Talking About It." Watch the recording below to learn about practical ways to incorporate proactive health and well-being into your daily life.

Resources & Tools

CHA is pleased to share a curated set of tools for stress and building resiliency as well as well-being programs.

Member Resources

CHA is collating member practices for associate well-being. A work-in-progress, we will continue to add items as they are shared.

Upcoming Events

Be sure to check our Calendar of Events for a full listing of upcoming events.

Events and Articles

Archived and upcoming events, and timely articles

The Summons: Video Reflection on Your Call to Catholic Health Ministry

This video reflection shares the hymn, The Summons, as an opportunity to take a pause, breathe and reflect on your call to serve in Catholic health ministry. With an opening by Sr. Mary Haddad, RSM, CHA's president and CEO, this instrumental will help you focus on your own well-being and your important work.

Conversation Guide: Sustaining Connection for Well-Being

SustainingConnectionForWellBeing_coverInviting conversation about what shapes well-being is especially meaningful now as we face a pandemic and other complexities. Developed by members of CHA's Well-Being Task Force, this brief booklet is offered to assist in widening conversations about well-being by including more voices as well as to generate a richer and more in-depth understanding of well-being consistent with the times and congruent with Catholic heritage.
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