Renew - Rhythms for Well-Being

Recent years have highlighted our need for simplicity. Despite a complex, fast-paced world, we are created to live in harmony with God and others. The way we use our time - how we think, connect, and engage - shapes our lives. When we intentionally seek a flourishing life, we can be a spring of life for others. Together, let us live well the lives we have been given!

Promoting Human Flourishing

As a Catholic health ministry, we are called to be leaders in well-being – to embody well-being as individuals, to promote well-being among our colleagues and patients and to advocate for well-being in our communities. Together, we represent more than 700,000 associates united by the healing ministry of Jesus in the tradition of our founders and we are called to promote human flourishing.

Resourcing Daily Rhythms

The Renew resources offered here have been designed with your team huddle or department meeting in mind. Introduce these concepts by discussing the key questions provided for each day, engage in dialogue and explore how purposeful days can promote well-being and abundant living. May the podcasts, video reflections, articles and prayer resources on this site support you to integrate well-being practices into your daily life and encourage your colleagues to do the same.

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