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CHA is pleased to share a curated set of tools for stress and building resiliency as well as well-being programs on this page.

The Transformative Power of Words for Well-being

In our service to the Catholic health ministry, we recognize that language is a conduit for healing, one that fosters wellness, acts with compassion and promotes well-being for all persons and communities, with special attention to those who are vulnerable. 

AHA's People Matter, Words Matter
The American Hospital Association developed the materials linked below to equip caregivers with language that honors the dignity of all those we serve. Explore, expand and experience the healing gift of language within your facility or ministry.

  • Download, print and share the materials with team members.
  • Encourage colleagues to use dignified language with one another, patients and families.
  • Embrace a facility or ministry-wide initiative by collaboratively identifying respectful language alternatives for specific groups or conditions with your local mission leader.

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