Immigration and Migration

Catholic health care organizations serve immigrants, including refugees and victims of human trafficking, in their clinics, emergency rooms, and in their facilities. Catholic health care also employs many people who have fled their homeland, seeking a better life for themselves and their communities.

As part of the Catholic health ministry, the Catholic Health Association of the United States (CHA) shares this commitment to helping those who have come to the United States from other countries. Through outreach, education, and advocacy, CHA speaks out on behalf of health care access for immigrants and collaborates with other organizations in "welcoming the stranger among us."

Pope Francis Announces "Share the Journey" Campaign for Migrants and Refugees


The "Share the Journey" campaign was launched by Pope Francis on in support of those who have fled their homes seeking safety and a better life around the world and in the U.S. This is a two-year campaign sponsored globally by Caritas Internationalis, and in the U.S. by the USCCB's Migration and Refugee Services Committee, Catholic Relief Services and Catholic Charities USA. The campaign aims to raise awareness and understanding of the unprecedented number of migrants and refugees globally, including those who have come to the U.S., and to challenge myths and perceptions in order to encourage greater support for migrants and refugees in the U.S. and around the world. Each year's Week of Prayer and Action invites people to follow the call to "love your neighbor" by joining in the Share the Journey Campaign in Catholic parishes, schools, colleges, hospitals and other institutions and ministries.
Learn more about the 2019 Global Week of Action

Welcoming the Stranger - Online Educational Resource


Welcoming the Stranger: Catholic Health Care and Immigration explains the rich history of Catholic health care’s commitment to and care for immigrants. Because care for immigrants is rooted in Church history and teaching, we are spiritually compelled to be in solidarity with them.

2018 Week of Prayer and Action

Below is a listing of CHA prayers shared each day during the 2018 Share the Journey Week of Prayer and Action.

Saturday, Oct. 7: We pray for all those immigrants and refugees who are currently separated from members of their family.
» A Moment for Grace - Prayer for Refugees (from Catholic Relief Services)

Sunday, Oct. 8: We pray for all expectant mothers who are living on the road, in a refugee camp or a detention center.
» Prayer for Expectant Mothers in Refugee Camps

Monday, Oct. 9: We pray for an end to all violence forcing people to leave their homes. 
» Prayer for Refugees

Tuesday, Oct. 10: We pray for all those who are entrusted with the care of immigrants and refugees, including law enforcement officers, aid workers, and lawmakers.
» Prayer for Those Serving Refugees

Wednesday, Oct. 11: We pray that people do not need to leave their home countries in order to find economic opportunity.
» Prayer for Refugees of Economically Driven Migration

Thursday, Oct. 12: We pray for all those who must leave their home because of extreme weather events.
» Prayer for Environmental Migrants

Friday, Oct. 13: We pray for all victims of human trafficking.
» Prayer for Migrants Exploited by Human Trafficking

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