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The Catholic health ministry serves our communities by healing the sick, serving the poor and vulnerable and leading by example. Inspired by our faith and values, the Catholic health ministry has formed a partnership with sponsors, systems, facilities and with experts in environmental responsibility to reduce the environmental burden of the health care we provide.

We are committed:

  • As health professionals, to "first, do no harm."
  • As Catholic ministries, to care for the sick and vulnerable, the unborn and all of creation.
  • As neighbors, to act in the best interest of our communities.

May-June 2016 Issue of Health Progress

Caring for Creation: Health Care and the Environment


Healing Communities and the Environment

Healing Communities and the Environment: Opportunities for Community Benefit Programs

This document, published as a discussion draft in Spring 2012, encourages and informs health care organization leaders about ways to engage their organization and communities served around improving community health through environmental improvements. While environmental factors include the physical, social and economic environment in which we live, work and raise families, this document focuses on the physical environment, including the quality of our air, water, food and facility and public energy and chemical polices.

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Encyclical Prayer Cards

These 5 x 7 cards each highlight a different quote from Pope Francis’ encyclical, and then have a prayer from the encyclical on the back side. Useful as a resource to open a meeting as well as something you can share in break rooms and at staff gathering areas, they are available for order in hardcopy. There are three different cards available.

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APHA Webinar

Environmental Health and Community Health Benefits: Moving Upstream to Prevent Harm (May 27, 2014)

During a May webinar offered by the American Public Health Association, CHA's Julie Trocchio, senior director for community benefit and continuing care, dispelled myths, highlighted opportunities and shared some initial lessons learned in the first round of Community Health Needs Assessments completed by Catholic Health Association hospitals. Part of the Affordable Care Act, these assessments provide new opportunities for the public health community and clinical care community to collaborate for improved environmental health outcomes.