Feast of St. Francis

The Feast of St. Francis of Assisi on Oct. 4 is a time when those in Catholic health ministry — and all people — can celebrate God's creation. CHA annually develops and shares numerous resources for use at meetings, events and throughout the year.

CHA 2021 Feast of St. Francis Resources


Sept. 23, 2021 - Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor: Reducing our Carbon Footprint
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2021 Feast of St Francis
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Pope Francis in Assisi on Oct. 3, 2013, said:

"Praised may you be, Most High, All-powerful God, good Lord… by all your creatures (FF, 1820). This is the beginning of Saint Francis's Canticle. Love for all creation, for its harmony. Saint Francis of Assisi bears witness to the need to respect all that God has created, and that men and women are called to safeguard and protect, but above all he bears witness to respect and love for every human being. God created the world to be a place where harmony and peace can flourish. Harmony and peace! Francis was a man of harmony and peace. From this City of Peace, I repeat with all the strength and the meekness of love: Let us respect creation, let us not be instruments of destruction! Let us respect each human being. May there be an end to armed conflicts which cover the earth with blood; may the clash of arms be silenced; and everywhere may hatred yield to love, injury to pardon, and discord to unity. Let us listen to the cry of all those who are weeping, who are suffering and who are dying because of violence, terrorism or war, in the Holy Land, so dear to Saint Francis, in Syria, throughout the Middle East and everywhere in the world.

"We turn to you, Francis, and we ask you: Obtain for us God's gift of harmony and peace in this our world!"

Text from the Vatican Radio website