Eldercare Overview

Meeting individual's needs through all the seasons of life is part of the mission of Catholic health care. Serving the elderly and those who are chronically ill is an essential part of our ministry. Catholic-sponsored health organizations provide a broad spectrum of professional services, including acute and primary care, nursing home, medical and social day care, home health, senior housing and assisted living, counseling and case management.

CHA is committed to helping its members:

  • Provide holistic, person-centered, high-quality care
  • Respond compassionately to the needs of aged and chronically ill persons
  • Work collaboratively with others holding similar values to offer a continuum of services
  • Integrate and coordinate care across settings for continuity of care
  • Provide a workplace where the value of each staff member is respected
  • Advocate for just public policies

Palliative and Hospice Care

Palliative and Hospice Care:
Caring Even When We Cannot Cure

This new palliative care guide from CHA assists patients, families, physicians, nurses and caregivers with decisions about serious illness and end-of-life care. CHA developed the guide in collaboration with physicians, nurses, theologians and ethicists within Catholic health care and with the Supportive Care Coalition, a national coalition of Catholic health ministries that advances excellence in palliative care. Although the guide reflects the perspective of Catholic tradition, the information can be helpful to people from any religious tradition. 

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End-of-Life Ethics Guides

End-of-Life Ethics Guides

These ethics publications, available in English and Spanish, are designed to help patients, families and caregivers think about end-of-life decisions and prepare an advance health care directive. CHA has developed these in collaboration with physicians, nurses, theologians and ethicists within Catholic health care. Although a reflection of the perspective of Catholic tradition, the information is helpful to persons from any religious tradition.

Advance Directives: Expressing Your Health Care Wishes
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Teachings of the Catholic Church: Caring for People at the End of Life
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On-Demand Webinar Recordings

Mission in Long-Term Care Networking Conference Calls

  • June 25, 2019 — 3 to 4 p.m. ET

CHA is introducing a new networking opportunity: conference calls for those who lead mission integration activities in Catholic long-term care, rehabilitation and senior housing facilities. These twice annual networking conference calls will gather mission leaders and those who fulfill a mission integration function in these types of facilities, with the opportunity to discuss timely topics, advocacy updates, mission integration tools and spiritual care practices, as well as time to share successful practices. Convened by Brian Smith, CHA senior director of mission innovation and integration, and Julie Trocchio, CHA senior director of community benefit and continuing care, these hour-long calls will provide a venue for sharing successes and challenges across Catholic health ministry organizations.

These calls are relevant for:

  • Mission leaders and administrators in Catholic rehabilitation, long-term care and senior housing organizations
  • Persons in Catholic long-term care organizations who have a primary function for integrating the mission into the organization
  • Directors of spiritual care and chaplains

To access the networking calls, please dial (844) 263-6303.

If you would like additional information, or to be added to the email list for call notifications, please contact CHA.

Advocating Greater Partnerships to Care for Elderly

Improving the Lives of Older Adults through Faith Community Partnerships: Healing Body, Mind and Spirit
This 25-page booklet makes the case for greater partnership between health care organizations and faith communities in service to the elder populations they serve. It provides examples of current partnerships, suggestions for how to get started and shares relevant websites and resources. The document’s use is recommended for community benefit professionals, population health leaders, mission leaders, Faith Community Nurse coordinators at health systems and Faith Community Nurses.
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Other CHA Eldercare Resources

Elders and Faith Community Partnerships webinar (May 5, 2017)