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Improving the Lives of Older Adults through Faith Community Partnerships

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Improving the Lives of Older Adults through Faith Community Partnerships
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Faith communities and health care organizations are both called to heal. By partnering together, these organizations can complement each other’s strengths to provide health, social and spiritual support to elders in need. While there may be challenges to starting these partnerships, they can have great benefits for all involved. By participating in holistic approaches that heal mind, body and spirit, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and other health and senior service organizations have the opportunity to reduce admissions, readmissions and lengths of stay—key metrics in an evolving payment system that increasingly focuses on quality and patient outcomes rather than volume of services. For mission-based health care organizations, going into the community to help a vulnerable groups demonstrates their charitable mission and tax-exempt purpose.

This 25-page booklet makes the case for greater partnership between health care organizations and faith communities in service to the elder populations they serve. It provides examples of current partnerships, suggestions for how to get started and shares relevant websites and resources. The document’s use is recommended for community benefit professionals, population health leaders, mission leaders, Faith Community Nurse coordinators at health systems and Faith Community Nurses.

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Publication Date: October 19, 2016
Number of Pages: 28
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