Ministry Formation

Product Image An Invitation to Visio Divina - A Process Guide
This 5.5 x 8.5 two-sided card outlines the four-fold process of Visio Divina —Gazing, Reflecting, Responding, Resting. >>

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Product Image Catholic Social Tradition Leadership Formation Module (2014 Edition) (CD)
CHA, a leader in providing resources to help the people of Catholic health care navigate the challenges of today’s health care environment, is pleased to offer the 2014 edition of its leadership formation >>

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Product Image Core Elements for Leaders of Catholic Ministry: A Reflection Guide (Print and CD)
CHA has created this workbook-style resource for sponsors to assist in starting or continuing conversations around sponsorship and its role in the shared ministry of health care. Its contents are the >>

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Product Image Framework for Ministry Formation
In recognition of the critical importance of formation to the future of the Catholic health ministry, CHA has developed a comprehensive new Framework for Ministry Formation resource to complement and >>

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Product Image Framework for Senior Leadership Formation
Many Catholic-sponsored health systems are making a strong investment in well-structured, intensive leadership formation efforts. Noting this trend, CHA began an initiative in 2009 to learn why this >>

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Product Image Leadership: A Call to Service (2013) (DVD)
Produced for use in CHA's Foundations of Catholic Health Care Leadership program, this inspirational DVD video features a diverse group of Catholic health care operations and medical leaders discussing >>

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Product Image Lectio Divina - A Process Guide
This 5.5 x 8.5 two-sided card guides the user through Lectio Divina to meet God in reading, mediation, prayer, and contemplation in and through scripture. >>

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Product Image Mission Leadership as a Career Video (DVD)
This six minute video introduces the viewer to several mission leaders in Catholic health care who share their stories as a means of introducing the role and competencies of a mission leader in >>

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Product Image Mission Leadership in Catholic Health Care Brochure
Now Available in Spanish!Developed to help create understanding of and interest in the mission leader role and to attract potential candidates, this 8.5 x 11 brochure, available hardcopy or as an electronic >>

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Product Image Prophetic Voice Prayer Card (Packs of 50)
A prayer card produced in 2006 with a reflection that asks God to to teach us to be prophetic.Prayer Text:Teach us to speak prophetic words when our world is out of balance; when the needs of the poor >>

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