Board Nominations

The Catholic Health Association Board of Trustees

We invite you to nominate outstanding candidates for the CHA Board of Trustees. 

In identifying candidates, the Association is committed to promoting diversity to ensure broad perspectives on the board. In particular, CHA is seeking candidates who could bring further ethnic, gender and age diversity to be more representative of the communities its members serve.

The following are the criteria used in identifying potential candidates for the Board’s FY2019 recruitment/selection process:

  • Ability to influence national policy.
  • Ability to mobilize the ministry, to include system CEOs and/or system executive leadership team members.
  • Recent clinical experience at various levels of the delivery system including transformational models of care (e.g., physician, nurse, allied health professionals).
  • Ability to maintain/influence a network of church relationships, to include a bishop (either active or auxiliary) or ecclesial expert.
Submit a Nomination

The deadline for nominations is Dec. 21, 2018.